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Caged at Cross Creek Manor

I was literally caged at Cross Creek manor from 1989-1990.
I had an old story, now I have a new one!
Something incredible about our life is that there are no denominations or
divisions that might alter how our culture is expressed in all the
different locations all over the world. Our brothers and sisters in
Brazil might eat differently than us and speak Portuguese, but they keep
the same traditions as those of us in the US, in France, the Czech
Republic, Australia, and even the budding in community in Japan. It's
not motivated out of principle or doctrine, like I experienced in the
LDS church. We are representing the same love in all
communities, living the same life, so that people might know that we are
ONE, not because of some mystical concept but because of what they see.
When I came here I was like ripe fruit coming off the vine, ready
to give myself to whatever might cause me to love more freely than
ever before. We think that's what human beings were made for, and my
hope is you'll come and see. In all, I hope your hearts desires are given to you. May our paths cross again -

Love loves and people change ~