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Re: Any good RTCs or therapeutic schools out there?

Dear Angela,
Perhaps you did not understand my question. I was not asking for your opinion on the programs overall but wanted to get other parents recommendations for any good programs out there. Seems like the reason that there are none at this forum is because you attack anybody who disagrees with your 'party line'. Seems ironic for a freedom fighter, don't you think? Oh, well, not the first time in history... There was a country once that pronounced that their major focus is fight for freedom of its people (Soviet Union). I was misfortunate to be on of those people. We were all free to talk about anything that agreed with government policies, but if you dare disagree... Luckily even though you have the same approach as that communist government, you don't have the same power.
I have no doubt that there terrible and abusive programs out there and bringing the light to that is desperately needed and honorable thing. At the same time I am sure there are good and safe ones. I have a great experience with Elements wilderness, my son said that he was grateful to them for all they taught him in spite of a hardship of being in wilderness and following rules. I also saw my son almost die at home due to drugs he used, and I was completely powerless to protect him because of his complete disobedience.

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