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Re: Any good RTCs or therapeutic schools out there?

Dear Vita Droutman PhD,

Isn't it interesting that a psychologist who should be or claims to be an expert in human behavior can't even raise and love their own child at home?

Isn't it interesting that you as a shill for the troubled teen industry are posting on a victim's rights board with your attacks and nonsense while promoting the notion of a "good program" when such doesn't exist and you of all people should know how devastating institutionalization is to individuals.

Basically, you experiment on and report back your findings regarding at risk adolescents.

"Research has established that mindfulness
training improves attention and emotion
regulation. A separate line of work on risky
decision making in adolescence has identified
increased emotional reactivity as a key
cause of risk taking during this period. We
hypothesize that since mindfulness training
can decrease or help regulate emotional reactivity,
its practice may lead to reduced risk
taking by adolescents. The present study
examined the effect of short mindfulness
practice on risk taking in older adolescents."

Source: Vita Droutman, PhD

"Social Exclusion Leads to Reduced Risk Taking: by Vita Droutman This work examines the effect of social exclusion on risky decision-making and explores neural components responsible for this effect. It suggest that social exclusion leads to less risk taking and that activation of the insular cortex may mediate between social deprivation and risk preference."


You are a behaviorist who cares more about control than human rights. You experiment on youth and support social deprivation which is psychologically harmful. Someone with your credentials and associations doesn't require any assistance from HEAL and that just proves we are right. You are a troll and not welcome to post on our forum. If you continue to do so, you do so at your own risk. This is an unmoderated forum and you may receive attention you do not like from those not as professional as myself.


Angela Smith
HEAL Coordinator