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Re: Vista RTC Utah School- any stories or reviews??

Dear past Vista attendant,

I was you. I was a headstrong teenager who post-Vista thoroughly believed and constantly affirmed that Vista saved my life. Like you, I experienced extreme Stockholm like effects. You are conditioned (through tactics that research correlates to overall harm across a multitude of areas rather than any type of positive outcomes) to believe that if you ever have any negative thoughts or feelings about Vista, it is somehow your fault. The seeds of self-blame are sewn so deep that they become ingrained into who you are, or who you think you are. One day you will realize what happened to you and the effect it has had on your life, and the effects it will continue to have on your future. One day you will know that it wasn't your fault.

For years I managed to run from it mentally, I believed it helped, because I had to. I mean it would be gut-wrenching to allow yourself to understand that two years of your life (extremely precious years in regards to the span of human development, but I digress) were stolen by people who claim to be helping, yet they do the very opposite. I internalized everything, because I was made to believe that my problems and my struggles must somehow be the result of some mistake that I had made at some completely unidentifiable, yet clearly significant point. You can only run for so long before it comes crashing down on you. I am not the only one of my fellow survivors with a diagnosis of PTSD. I am not the only one who self destructed completely after Vista. I am one of the very, very few who made it out and was able to piece together my life and make something from it. Although I am successful, I still struggle, the severity of the PTSD is okay sometimes and sometimes its bad and daily life becomes very difficult.

What needs to be understood is that at its very core, Vista is a business, and that's the bottom line. To ensure the $12k monthly checks (that's per child) they need to produce results. And how do you produce results to please the wallets (I mean the parents)? You grossly misuse your education in the psychology field to devise and implement behavioral modification techniques that quickly produce the desired effect. Checketts is a con-artitst, and a genuine disgrace to the profession as a whole.

Give it some time, you will be back. And there will be people to support you.

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