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Q&A Associates: A West Virginia Death Camp

Q&A Associates program was a nightmare. It was set up by thugs who ran Alldredge Academy in the 1990's in Davis West Virginia. Q&A is made up of Journey House, Applewood, and Cabin Mountain. The way they treat kids there is despicable. They advertise it as a place thats therapeutic for teens and young adults in mental health crisis and disabilities. Its not for anyone. I was there, and the trauma from the abusive staff and all is very intense, and nightmares come every night.

Q&A Associates became like a cult. The staff all stick together or they get fired. They manipulate police officers, local townspeople. And staff even attend Davis Town Rotary meetings. They are like leeches and parasitic, and they try to make it seem as if they are the town, its disturbing. Q&A staff also tell girls who were raped by staff, townspeople or program friends, that it was their fault, and they deny them healthcare. They hire people without credentials or knowledge, any idiot they can find. Joan Huffman, a former staff at Alldredge is very abusive and yells and antagonizes kids saying she "will tie a knot up your ass!" Very inappropriate. For the inappropriate language stems from owner Matt Shockley, who will use every vulgar truck driver language at the program kids.

The founder Angie Shockley, is very difficult and would give kids panic attacks. She then would make a evil vile grin and walk away get in her big white truck and drive off. The poor youth would be there feeling scared, in a panic attack, hopeless and at risk, and scared that Mark or MAtt would show up and interrogate them for being disrespectful to Angie. Sandy the life coach is a child abusing extremist. And even hired a child rapist felon to work in her thrift store Grampas Attic.

Cabin Mountain is run by Robert Mark Shockley. He frustrates youth, yells, berates, is sadistic and torments youth. He acts volatile, slams doors, throws objects and is unpredictable. He leaves the kids at the Cabin Mountain alone at night. He says to kids, "what is your problem", "hit the road" and "I will f you up", "and "get lost". One time Mark Shockley grabbed a kid and put the kids arms behind his back and shook him, while another staff disciplined him. It was traumatic. I hop e he didn't butt rape the poor kid. You would be scared this guy could kill you, it was a nightmarish experience.

The scary part, is that there is no oath the program takes to protect the kids and their rights. They threaten their victims with lawsuits. They have spies in the town of Davis that work with them, its very scary.. And kids claim police don't help the kids if they call for help much of the time. Please don't send your children there. THe program is promoted by educational consultants, Holly Hunter, Jeanette Spires, Linda Goldberg.

Tammy Robbins a staff there would manipulate parents and was very abusive to the kids. She would corner them against the wall and point her finger at them. Mark would do the same and threaten kids. All the kids felt threatened by staff.

MAny staff were x Alldredge Staff including Joan Huffman, Sandy Schmeidekneccht, and Angie Shockley. Staff from q&A were involved in torturing children in the death camp called Alldredge Academy.

Re: Q&A Associates: A West Virginia Death Camp

QandA Associates was an emotional prison. Staff were very disrespectful to us. Not safe people, very negligent and terrible and thats why there were 2 deaths last year.

Re: Q&A Associates: A West Virginia Death Camp

Q&A are Deplorable, vulgar theives, liars, slave drivers, rapists and psychopaths.

Re: Q&A Associates: A West Virginia Death Camp

Thank you greatly for sharing your experience! With more and more people speaking out we are making progress in preventing people from experiencing the same in the future. If you would like to share in such a way that would be more visible to prospective parents, check the program watch list at

If your program is not listed Please send any info you have on the school to . If already listed, submitting your report could help us list them as suspected to be or even confirmed to be abusive, and if you desire be available for the public to read. Sharing our stories is one of the most valuable tools we have to prevent parents from sending their kids to residential treatment programs.

best wishes and healing to you!