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Re: Hillside family of agencies, rochester ny

yikes!! when the gov is ordering it, it becomes a very sticky situation. the only way to fight city hall (supposedly, legally) is with a lawyer.

I would:

1. take pictures of any markings and ask your son to describe what happened and who was involed/witnesses. record this if possible and its not traumatizing.

2. get a lawyer.

another alternative that may work, but be difficult:

From my experience, a public school system can force you to go to alternative school by not allowing you at regular school, and threatening charges if you withdraw them from school. BUT! you can withdraw him from public school without withdrawing him from school by sending him to a private school.

basically, they can say that he has to go to that school in the public school system but they cant force him to be in public school

if you cant afford private school home school may be an option, by way of a tutor or self paced curriculum that you can help with after work.. personally I would consider this the least desirable option assuming you work full time.