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Masters Ranch Christian Academy Breach of Contract as a Parent/Witnessed Child Neglect as employee

Masters Ranch Christian Academy Breach of Contract and I was a witness firsthand as an employee.

I sent my son to this boarding school in hopes that they would change his life. When he returned home he was worse and extremely depressed because he was an entire year behind on his education. Home school was promised. My son only acquired maybe 5 credits that was transferrable. He worked oppose to getting any type of cognitive behavioral interventions. They advertise Masters Ranch as if it's a working ranch with pictures of horses that they do not have. My son presents to me behaviors resembling PTSD. According to the school we purchased a computer ranging $2000.00. We never got it. All of his clothing was rummaged through. When I picked my son up he was ready to get out. I do believe my son witnessed things he is trying to suppress. He is extremely angry with me. I really thought I did the perfect thing as a single mother who struggled to send my son there until I recently sold all my possessions and the Pastor had movers move me there to work as a full-time employee. I was promised that if it did not work out he would make sure that I am returned in the manner in which I left breaking my lease as well. My son was suppose to move with me but after he spent a week there he was like COME GET ME NOW and insisted that I go and see for myself. I chalked it up as him being rebellious until I became an employee there. I was completely astonished and felt fearful for me life being in the house with lead staff living above me having keys to get into my personal dwelling. Missouri is an open carry state I left without anyone knowing without money to return back to Texas. I waited on a check but it never came on that Tuesday, June 17, 2019 which was suppose to be brought over by the accountant. I felt trapped and set up. I still as of today have not gotten my personal belongings and family heirlooms promised to be shipped back to me. Not only that I am penniless and homeless. I have been seeking help on social media and each and every time I log on I am being harassed by them or someone who knows them. I am seeking legal advice to recoup my sons trust fund money set aside for his education by the state of Texas. Is trust fund knows that I am seeking legal advice on breech of contract. I witnessed deplorable leadership and I am fearful for these children's safety. If someone has not been severely injured it will happen, but parents need to be made aware of this place and not send there children there unless the live nearby. I have documentation of conversation via text. Two children were hurt seriously in my opinion. The child that had the dislocated arm had been bullied for several days and the child doing the bullying was responsible for the dislocation. The other child who had an injury to his left eye by a nail did not get medical attention for 3 days. I witnessed this child begging for help. I do have pictures. I witnessed them calling his mother a pest and one who takes things overboard. Her son had a previous injury to that eye and this time he had a torn cornea. I have the text that the Pastor told me he had the lead staff persons back and could not support me because I stated it was his fault due to negligence. The pastor than stated that when my son was there he was hurt. To this very day I do not know when that was because no one ever reported such to me. I know that for days he complained of severe tooth pain. I explained to them that he had veneers and there might be cavities. I do believe they gave him rest and a few Tylenols. I later drove immediately once I heard from Texas to Missouri to take him to the dentist to have his teeth fixed and cavities filled. This school does not have a defibrillator or a blood pressure machine. I have pictures of laundry stacked up for days. I could not even believe that my son has been gone since 2017 and some children are sleeping on his pillows without a pillowcase. I went upstairs to help the boys organize their sleeping area. It was a pure mess. One child had his body covered in bumps and did not have bedsheets, sleeping a plastic because he wet the bed nightly. Children are the overseers at night. I do not trust that system as a safe environment for many reasons. Children killed a snake, they cleaned it and was preparing the snake to eat. They just took it upon themselves to start a fire in the middle of the yard to cook it because they have been told that whatever you kill you MUST eat. My son stated he ate a snake. This is ludicrous. Not only that this is a facility with troubled boys how could they just go into the kitchen and get knives that aren't accounted for and can't go anywhere unless their a 3 boys for safety such suicide, running away or plotting to kill staff when they can at liberty obtain a knife or fire starters at will. The boys aren't allowed to use the restroom so they either use a tree anywhere out of view from a female staff or have no other