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Guide to Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Zipline, Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Trek with lunch, Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing, Jaguar Paw Zipline. Our cave tubing can be combined with zip line, Belize Zoo, Mayan Ruins, and many other Tours. We offer strictly private tours. So, expect a BLAST! We also offer our jungle tours to visitors cruising with a stop at Belize Cruise Port.

Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Zipline
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Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing, Zipline, and Jungle Atv

"The ATV tour was fun and enjoyable but not the best I've done.
The real winner was the zip line tour they had. % stations and Lines.
The instructors and tour operators braked for you which was awesome and they were very well organized and on top of it. They had a really cool "yelp system" they communicated with that would tell each other when they were sending some one down and when they had cleared the cable. It was my first so I have nothing to compare it to but it was a blast and had hieght and speed in it!
THe cave tubing was really cool as well. The water was pretty brisk as well haha.
You basically tube along with groups of 6 - 8 in a pitch black cave with giant spiders and several species of bat including vampire bats fruit bats and insect bats.
The cave inside it would have been awesome to explore as well.
Overall fun day packed with 3 action type of excursions in beautiful ancient mayan caves and jungle.

Bonus: The lunch of chicken, rice and beans and coleslaw was dleicious! Really good, They have a bar where you can drink rum and other drinks and sodas on demand as well as fresh delcious coconut wate just cut and opened for you!

Mary Sharps Hotsauce!!!! Sooooo **** good i bought a variety 4 pack!"
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