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Guide to Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Zipline, Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Trek with lunch, Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing, Jaguar Paw Zipline. Our cave tubing can be combined with zip line, Belize Zoo, Mayan Ruins, and many other Tours. We offer strictly private tours. So, expect a BLAST! We also offer our jungle tours to visitors cruising with a stop at Belize Cruise Port.

Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Zipline
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Jaguar Paw Cave Tubing and Jungle Trek With Lunch

We book this through our cruise line. There were few different options, Zipline, caving and hike etc. We had done zip lines before so we were not interested in that. But they had an option for Cave Tubing, 20 minute hike and lunch at Jungle Paw. As someone else mentioned it is about 1 hr 15 minute drive from the Belize City where our Cruise ship was located. We had a good bus with an excellent guide, Pedro who shared with us information about Belize, Belize City and our upcoming excursion. Once we got to the parking area we had to take another bus (school bus) over a hill to the other side where the park entrance was. We were given time to rent lockers and water shoes if needed. Lockers were 3 different sizes from small $6 to large $8. Water Shoes were $5. Caveat: My sister and I shared a locker for our backpacks which barely fit the large size and was bulging a bit. But we managed to get them in. The key is worn around the wrist so you don't lose them. Bug repellent is a must. You are in a jungle. We didn't need the sunscreen (that day) since it was overcast and you spend part of the tubing in a cave. We were fitted with life jackets and helmets with a strap on flashlight. You can take your camera with you if you have a water proof camera. We kept ours back in the locker. Our group was paired up by eight people and assigned a guide. Our group of eight had a bonus of having our bus guide also be our tube guide. We actually started at the end of the route outside the cave. We walked across the stream which was cool (cold) water. Not ice cold but on a super hot day a very welcome cool. Our hike was about 20 minutes with the guide pointing out various native plants. Most of the hike was pretty level. After we crossed the stream there was a stair case to get you up to level part. Once we got back to the stream we picked up our tubes get in the stream where our guide laced our tubes together and then we each got on and started floating down the stream and into the cave. Our guide had a stronger head light to show off different formations inside the cave. He was the one that maneuver the tubes through the cave. I have been to caves that have various striking and beautiful formations, this cave wasn't as beautiful as those, but there were some nice formations and we even got to see some bats (sleeping) towards the end of the tubing adventure. At one point I was looking back at other tubing groups and all I could see were tiny white lights of their head lights, which I thought was pretty cool looking. There were a few times were groups were probably a bit too close and it made it hard to hear what our guide was saying because of the echo and in another place the water fall. At the end of our tubing we changed clothes and were treated to a typical Belize lunch of beans, rice and stewed chicken. Yummy. Afterwards there was time to shop for souvenirs then back to the school bus over the hill and back on our bus to head back to the ship. I enjoyed this excursions a lot.