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Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Dearest Gracie, I can't tell you how happy I am that you finally were contented enough to post! I enjoyed the discussions and comments we had on this chapter immensely and I think it turned out to be great. You did a great job, honey.

The picture you paint of Dr. Russell is so exquisite! Not that I like her that much, but I so understand that she acts the way she does and how she dislikes to great an exhibition of emotions. I actually felt Anne's weariness when she urged Anne to continue her studies. I felt her own apprehensiveness for the part Frederick might play in Anne's life... Very enthralling indeed.

I simply loved the paragraphs in which the two women observe the same 'tableaus' but interprete them in a completely opposite manner. So cleverly done! They give such a great insight in their states of mind.

Can we hope for more of this wonderfulness soon?

Congrats, dear friend on a lovely chapter!


Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...


This chapter was such an important one, establishing as it does Anne's relationship with Dr. Russell and the all-important motivations behind Dr. R's guidance and treatment of Anne in Chapters to come. You have managed to illuminate both their characters beautifully, as well as get across the love and misunderstanding underlying their relationship, in a way that leaves us caring about both of them. Like Renee, I easily felt each differing point of view.

I especially enjoyed reading of their interactions and conflicting views of their surroundings in the café, and the descriptions of Anne's buoyant mood, which just couldn't quite be tamed.

And this was a pleasure: "She bustled along, rejoicing in the mild winter sun that darted back and forth behind gentle clouds in a celestial game of hide and seek. Bare trees that usually caused her an inexplicable melancholy, reminding her of the limbs of gnarled old men, today inspired comparisons to the strong masculine limbs that last night had held her breathless body."

I am really looking forward to the next, and the next. Thank you,


Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

A little birdie whispered in my ear that the author of this great story is working very hard on her next chapter and has set herself a serious target... Can't wait!

Renée <-- who actually did the same thing...

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Ooooh! Glad to hear it!!


Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Me Too!!! Hope you give us lots of lovey, dovey Frederick and Anne, since we know what will eventually happen. Ms. Gracie must be a sado-masochist to write a prequel to Persuasion and do it so well that it gets us all addicted to something so heart-breaking.



Am I sadistic? :(

I thought I was just exploring an area that had yet to be explored. After all, we all know what happens in Persuasion, I was just intrigued by what came before. C'est tout!

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Well, you are going to write a story with a painful ending... and we all know the ending... so I guess we're all just masochists. But you've promised to write the reunion, right????

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

I seem to recall, hmmm, I don't remember the particulars, a certain authoress said "she won't leave it at the split." At least that is some hope, isn't it?


Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Grace, I think you've made the day of all your fans! Finally, finally we've got our long awaited new DRPP chapter. *smooch*

I was delighted by the way you resolved the four different forms of interaction: 1. between Anne and Edward, 2. between Anne, Fred and Edward, 3. between Fred and Edward and between 4. Anne and Fred. You didn’t only work out the discussions so very well, but you managed to find an interesting balance between your use of language with which the contents of the various discussions are reflected. And all that in a chapter that could be called succinct: not a word too many. Hats off, Grace.

Apart from that, I think you were very poetic and feeling in expressing Anne’s conflicting emotions. Oh, and I love how Frederick understands her feelings so perfectly well. A guy to cherish forever… although I was a little annoyed about his views on the relevance (or lack there off) of philosophy! Ah well, he was just being provocative, wasn’t he?

My romantic heart started beating faster when reading this paragraph (my fav!):

… eyes compelled and lids only fluttered closed as lips met. Fingers trailed a path blazed on tender skin which could not forget. She traveled as far as her imagination could take her -- to places she'd never been. Instinct and raw attraction filled in gaps; dream caresses and exciting kisses reached for and touched hidden recesses of Anne's subconscious, feeding the ravenous fresh fires of love.… [/quote]

Grace, you've got a style so very much of your own. Congratulations, dear, on this great chapter! Don't let us wait too long for chapter 5, okay?


Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Oh Anne, Anne! Daydreaming her way through an entire class – I had to laugh at this: “Dazed, she looked at Edward standing in front of her, obviously amused. "Would you like my notes, Anne?"

I enjoyed seeing her first glimpse of Frederick since their ‘walk’ the night before – blue face and all, leaning under a dartboard – an ignominious picture, and yet it still sends her knees a-knocking.

I enjoyed their philosophical banter, covering so many deeper thoughts and worries in this new relationship: “How do you trust something you don’t know?” Good question, I look forward to learning how she finds an answer to it.

And I had to laugh at the image of her, wishing “to explain how she
fantasized she wasn't related to them but was her mother's child -- sprung from Liz Stevenson Elliot's brow -- a modern Athena.” – poor Anne!

Frederick appears to be good for her, I look forward to reading of their deepening relationship. But that Dr. Russell! What’s she up to with Edward? Fishing for information, or an ally? No way do I believe she’s that interested in his paper topic!

Looking forward to your next, adjusting my watch to Grace-time.


Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

So, I'm finally getting around to commenting!!! First, I'll say, overall, "Wow!"... now the details.

Oh, a girl totally besotted. You describe that sensation so well. The absent-mindedness, re-living every touch, thinking about how far they would go physically. She's in love! She's a big pile of goo! No wonder it scares her so later in the chapter!

I love the juxtaposition here:
He leaned against the wall under a dartboard, his face blue in the neon of a garish advertisement. Her eyes threatened to brim over as they rested on him, bathed in the light of the tinted sign.
The truth is, he probably looks awful under blue light, but it's shining on him like a beam from heaven to Anne!

And then she froze. Such varying emotions going on in this young one. She's in love and doesn't really know what to do with that emotion, does she? So new and sudden for her -- especially for one who has been so pragmatic all her life. Again, she pulls in and pushes away: Tentatively, she reached a hand toward his, only to draw back before she touched him.

I have to say, through his actions, he handled her reaction quite well, retreating but giving her a private nudge. It will be interesting how you eventually seperate them. He seems like such a self-possessed man, someone who wouldn't let go of something he wanted that easily... then again, Frederick never did let Anne go, did he?

Their philosophical conversation was superb. It showed their opposing views... and it makes the reader think of their own views. While I got my degree and did the nice, responsible thing in life (like Anne), I wish I had a little more of Frederick in me. You have to go out and live!

Of course, there were far more meanings to their statements -- while not put to the test yet, their relationship is certainly going to be judged in the same philosophical way.

Oh, how I wish Edward didn't jump in with a flip remark for Anne instead of having Frederick answer her very important question!

I did enjoy the brotherly interaction. If nothing else, it gave Anne a sense of a loving family relationship.

Again, Frederick shows maturity and self-assurance by zeroing in on Anne's worries about her sisters. Oh, Grace, you're digging a hole for yourself! How could she refuse him? Even allowing her to change the subject seemed the wiser thing at the moment. Everything can't be discovered and fixed in the first 24 hours.

Very powerful chapter. So much happening in such a short period of time. It's no wonder Anne she is acting the way she is. Can't wait for more... don't take so long next time, okay?

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

You are all too kind! Far too kind, though I appreciate it greatly.

As for how long the next chapter will take, as Kim says, this is "Grace time". So, who knows? I'm blocked at the moment, so it could sadly be a while. :(

Renee, my mini site is GORGEOUS! You're an angel, dear Webmistress. :)

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Well, Grace, why not just open your own mini-site often for inspiration...

Renée <-- adjusting watch to Grace time as well... hee hee

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Dear readers, Grace will soon post a new instalment. A very good reason for Mrs Darcy to re-style her pages. So, if you haven't read her wonderful prequel to Persuasion or you'd like to refresh your memory before the new instalment will be posted, rush over to her brand new pages. Enjoy!

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

M'dears, tis been a while, but I'm extremely happy to announce that chapter 5 of Grace's modern prequel to Persuasion "Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion" has just been posted. Enjoy!

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

I have to say up until now I kind of liked Dr. Russell, or at least understand where she was coming from. But after this chapter, I'm starting to think she needs to get a life! Yes she means well but I'm afraid Anne is never going to see it that way if she doesn't lighten up and stop obsessing about little details. Your Dr. R is definitely a very well thought-out and detailed version of this character!

"Passers-by turned to stare as a column of crisp leaves eddied in a mini cyclone, but winter’s merry dance was ignored by the lone figure outlined in a lighted window against the darkening afternoon. Martha’s attention was on the paper before her, not because either the outline or the research behind it was remarkable, but because of the unsatisfying and somewhat embarrassing conversation she had recently concluded with its author."

That opening paragraph was very nice, the way you set the scene outdoors and then took us in through the window. And the email conversation was so funny the way the girls fought through a 3 party like that, and both living in the same house too - LOL!

It was nice to see FW holding his own in this group, regardless of cream or half-and-half. And I admit to drinking Chianti with my lasagne from time to time.

He's something more to be reckoned with than Dr. R had counted on I think! Looking forward to seeing more of him, and Anne, in the next!


Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

"Passers-by turned to stare as a column of crisp leaves eddied in a mini cyclone...

As I told you before, I see this mini cyclone as symbolic for Dr Russell's confusion: Martha was completely at a loss, not a familiar feeling, much less one with which she was enamored...

Loved that!

Martha answered him with eyes closed. "Blackberry again, but current instead of raspberry, and some anise. Still a bit tight, though it's got a nice long finish. I don't think it's quite lived up to its potential yet. What do you think, Mr. Terrence?"

Good God, the woman is more savvy in this regard than the average sommelier in a three star restaurant! ...Or did she happen to read a review...

I loved this part, made me chuckle. I could really picture her! She's such a snob... Wished though she'd fallen short, simply because I don't like her! But no... she does know her way with wine!

Martha realized she'd underestimated him. ...Indeed! A pity though that she can do something about it. But he who laughs last laughs best...

This made me LOL BTW: How did one ask a religious man what the hell he'd been thinking to leave that boy alone with an inexperienced girl?

Grace, I'm so happy you picked up your terrific story again, and so well done! You've captured their sphere Anno Domini 2007 as well as Austen did in the early 19th century. The e-mail exchange was sport on! Fabulous.

Please oblige us, and don't keep us waiting so long again. Promise?

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

The e-mail exchange was sport on!

I meant spot on of course!

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Grace, I really enjoy your characterization of Dr R. She is captured so well. I can almost see her stepping out of the page. I'm dying to see more of A and F together and see how their relationship will progress.

This chapter has only left me wanting to read more about the evening at Ann's. Please tell me it won't be a year before you post again!?!?!


Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Me again! I meant to say, are these Grace's new pages Renee? Very nice.........IIRC Grace especially likes pink!

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

IIRC Grace especially likes pink!

Yep, her new pages, and I knew about her preference for pink so... here you go.

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

My darling Renée always takes such good care of me, doesn't she? Yes, I do especially like pink.

Thank you my dear friends for your comments. :)

Re: Dr. Russell Practices Persuasion comment thread...

Gracie, dear, you and your story deserve these pretty pages.