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chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Dearest Tracey,
When you great authors from across the Atlantic post a new chapter, I'm sound asleep most of the time. Consequently, I read the new installments of my American/Canadian friends early in the morning before starting work... HERE I AM, IN FRONT OF MY PC, JUST FINISHING YOUR LATEST CHAPTER... HOW CAN YOU EXPECT ME TO GET BACK TO BUSINESS????

What a couple, what a man... what a great, sweet girl. I bow deeply for your creativity in describing sensuality. The reader, well at least this reader, just let's herself drift with the current of the sheer physical happiness and pleasures of your characters, their discoveries, their openness... These two are so made for one another, in all respects. Let that intellectual compatibility they possess as well express itself in their love life as much as you like, I don't mind, not in the very least.

Being a bibliophile myself (even though I'm not in possession of so many valuable books as Darcy, a few though), I was so pleased with your knowledge on publishing and the technical aspects of printing! Cool!

Eek... Almost forgot: the sauna! Steaminess extraordinaire...

Thank you, dear Tracey, you made my day.


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!


I'm so glad that you are able to keep up this story on a regular basis again. I've missed the last few chapters but I sort of don't mind. I preferred reading this in one big helping so while the demands of my RL are keeping me from A&R now, I know when I can catch up I'll have several chapters to read all at once.

How far are you to being done with this story? I sort of hope you say a while and partly for selfish reasons. As someone else who has a long-running story unfinished, I'd like to see a fair bit of company with me.


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Renee! You've made my day too! I never expected another thread for my story. I'm so glad you're still enjoying their relationship-building. It's obviously the major part of my story and I want to show why these two are so compatible even if neither of them were sure at the beginning.

I also want to give a note of thanks to my niece is studying for her Master's in archiving. She assisted me with the information regarding books. I thought it added a touch of realism to the story.

Lisa! Glad you were able to catch up. However, I only have about 4 or 5 chapters to go so I'm afraid my WIP will (hopefully) be a Completed Story by the end of winter if not sooner. Whereas others have a sense of melancholy when finishing a story... I can't wait. Does that make any sense? Probably not. Oh, well, maybe when I actually write The End, I'll be disappointed. We'll see.

Thanks ladies!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Dear Tracey, I know that my comment is a mere repetition of my post at HG, but I like to shout my enthusiasm for your story from the rooftops. And... I'm thrilled to have it here, on Mrs. Darcy.


Re: Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Sequel, Tracey, sequel.


Re: Re: Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Terrific idea, Heather

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Oh, ladies, you are all so good to me!!!!! But Heather... sequel? Ach! Just let me try to finish this one first!

Re: chapter 18 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Good lord, this chapter brought me back 34 years ago!

If couples exhibit these characteristics too often in public, it makes onlookers a tad nauseous.

So true! My entire family got sick and tired of B and me (not to mention the persons waiting at the busstop late at night) when we started our relationship. I sat on his lap, we openly kissed in a room full of people, continuously held hands… And never cared about what people might think... OMG how sickening for others indeed!

Little did Georgie know Lizzy was feeling self-conscious in her outfit. She’d worn it the night she went out with Darcy and Eli Levine as well as a few times before that and it hadn’t bothered her then, but she was now truly conscious of being Fitzwilliam Darcy’s companion.

“But I don’t know which one! And I’ve no idea how to accessorize. I don’t really go to this type of thing much. I’m no fashionista, even though I have fun dressing up sometimes. I wish I knew how to be put-together like you. You look perfect.”

“You ladies both look amazing.” He glanced warmly toward Lizzy.

Lizzy’s self-consciousness, Georgie’s insecurity… Darcy’s admiration… Lovely, the intimacy of it! They just belong together. A great family.

What a wonderful chapter, Tracey! Things have sort of arrived in quieter waters. They know their physical needs and will explore them further and further no doubt, but now the time has come to deepen the relationship more spiritually… Very wise, that puzzle analogy and a foretaste, I presume, for many an insightful discussion between our beloved couple?

I loved the fact that Georgie has more common sense about relationships than her brother, and yes, I liked the Caroline-bashing… Caroline so incredibly insincere herself, can’t imagine someone saying something nice in all honesty!

Eek, those two last paragraphs… Why did I have the illusion that all angst was over! *sob*

Well done, honey! I Loved it. Can’t wait for the next.


PS. I don't get it! I definitely couldn't have resisted that dress!! What a shame.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey, Tracey, Tracey,

You've done, and done it well. There is nothing I like as much as I like seeing Caroline get her comeuppance, but with subtlety. It is so much more satisfying that way, I find. (not that I don't occasionally chuckle at her falling into the odd lake)

Georgie was a delight in this chapter, willing to take on Lizzy and Caroline, but not yet the brother who has raised her -- very nice and gives her a sense of realism. No one becomes Wonder Woman overnight, I like that this is more true to life.

I do wonder though -- is Darcy getting cocky? He already has a ring? I'm not as sanguine as he is that Lizzy will fall in line with him.

And Lydia, what a fool! Why am I so dreading your next? Anticipatory dread, what a nice feeling!

Thanks again for one of my all-time favorite FF pieces.


Re: chapter 19 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

George's mistakes would catch up with him though, Darcy was certain of it. [/quote]
And so are we, Tracey, so are we…

Boy, oh boy, what a turn of events! I wasn’t prepared for that actually. What a shock, particularly the venereal disease part… YUCK! How ruthless can one get? That man has no conscious whatsoever.

“She accepted the flower, brought it to her nose and replied, "Getting stingy are we?" [/quote]

This is rude!!! Gee, I really grew sort of angry with Lizzy, thinking “hasn’t she ever heard of the expression: Never look a gift horse in the mouth?”

And the way she taught Darcy a lesson about the other gift! I was so astonished to see her turning a girl’s best friend into something undesirable! You know that I’m kidding, right Tracey? She explained her reasons well, and Darcy is such a good sport, even though he sort of finds himself in a reversed position with the same effect: his relations might gossip about his choice for such an ‘ordinary’ girl, as much as Lizzy is seen as a fortune hunter.

Anyway, the emergence of Wickham was bound to happen… However much we wish it, we just can’t expect a blissful situation between our beloved lovers all the time, now can we? And how utterly wicked he is… “I see your opinion of Darcy must have changed since we last spoke,” Ruthless, hateful man... And such a loser needing to say things like that! It so shows his own frustrations and incapacity to become someone decent.

Please Tracey, solve this soon, and let’s hope that that poor, stupid girl has had safe sex or, preferably, none at all with that awful man.

Thanks, luv, for this great chapter. The second part won’t be delayed long, I trust?


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Lydia chose to remain silent. Complaining only seemed to get her in trouble, and she felt Lizzy didn’t deserve any answers. She plunked down on a seat and immediately reached for the stereo system, wishfully thinking the music would drown out any questions.

I think you’ve captured Lydia extremely well. An egocentric, impertinent, spoiled girl, and I like the way Darcy’s handling her. In this case a haughty and dismissive attitude doesn’t hurt. That girl needs to be disciplined. He’ll be such a cool father.

The discussion on Lydia’s supposed sexual encounter with Wickham shows actually how much Darcy cares for her welfare, however difficult it was for him to express his concerns and call a spade a spade. Perhaps this was sort of in contrast with his concealment regarding the auction, but his motives in that regard were comprehensible and I liked the things he said about trust. You’ve worked it out so fantastic, Tracey. Their discussion was fascinating, powerful and so very imaginable. The picture you painted was very real indeed. I so understand Elizabeth’s anger and frustration, even if her reaction might be called irrational, but isn’t that how we women are when our emotions get the better of us? … )

If you have problems with me, that’s one thing, but combined with your jumbled emotions over what happened tonight, you’re not making much sense.

How typical! Men always know how to say exactly the wrong things when women are in such a state.

She was devastated – not only because Darcy had disappointed her, not only because they had fought so much, not only because she couldn’t think of how they could end their disagreement, but also because even with all her anger, frustration and disillusionment toward Fitzwilliam Darcy, she was still madly in love with him and she had no idea how her love and her disappointment could be reconciled.

You did an amazing job with this chapter, sweetheart. Can’t wait for the next in which, undoubtedly you’ll work out their reconciliation… (yes, yes?). Their conflict was so passionate, reminded me of previous chapters in which you showed us your lovely, temperamental, angry Lizzy So, I bet their making-up will be as passionate as their quarrel!


PS. Poor red dress! As if the dress is to blame! Can't help make the comparison with the Spanish bullfights and a Dutch expression inspired by that: it seems as though the dress has an effect on Lizzy as a red cloth has on a bull...

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!


Wow. That's a powerful scene you gave us. I'm not sure I can side with either one of them. No, Lizzy didn't necessarily fight fair, but who does when they're angry? No, Darcy didn't need to be flip, but who can help it when their partner is being unreasonable?

I keep going back to her main point -- when has he ever come right out and said he was sorry? That he was wrong? Granted she didn't pick the right setting to make her point, but it sure is a good one.

I hope when they both calm down each will see that the other had reasons for why they did or said what they did and they can talk about things more rationally.

Lydia, what a dork. This is a fantastic updating of a selfish, but not inherently bad person. I would feel sorry for her, but also hope she learned from this that there should be much more to a man than his ability to introduce you to "hot" hockey players.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!


Just read all the 19 chapters and just loved the story! It was wonderful and I love the modern Darcy and Lizzy in it, they're so true to character with a twist.

I hope there will be more chapters to come and soon, I can't wait for it after the fight. They do get back together, don't they . They have to!

Chapter 19

Thank you all for commenting! I was so surprised to see a new comment! That's always a treat!

Chapter 20 is just about ready to go to betas, however, I won't be posting until I have the drafts of the remaining chapters written, then there won't be so much space between postings.

Yes, Lizzy and Darcy do end up together! I'm not one to mess with the tried and true story of Ms. Austen!!!!

Thanks again,

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Just discovered this site and your story last night.

Whatever I had planned for the evening immediately was forgotten. I started reading the first chapter en did not leave my computer till I finished all of it.

Great dialogues, brilliant rounded characters and written in such a contagious way that it makes me want to fall in love! And you are indeed very good with the sensual scenes.

Can't wait for the next chapter to come!


PS Chlamydia Lydia... hihi

Chapter 20

Kim! Thank you very much for such a kind comment. I came back from my vacation and checked the site so it was quite a treat for me.

In answer to your question about posting, while I had intended to wait a bit, I made a promise to a couple of readers that I would post in August, so you can expect a chapter later in the week.

Again, I'm so glad you've discovered us here!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I am very glad to have discovered it as well. :-)

I am actually rereading it already... Can't wait for the next chapter!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Sorry for bothering again.. "

I was wondering about the reference to "I dream of Jeannie". I understand that it is a tv series (never heard of it though, anyone knows whether it was ever broadcasted in the Netherlands?) but what is the relation to the military uniform Darcy is wearing and the astronaut you refer to?

Curious, curious... Love to find out these little things though. :-)

I Dream of Jeannie

Yes, Kim, it was a tv show in the U.S. in the late 1960s. Jeannie was found in her bottle by an astronaut named Tony Nelson who was a major in the air force, I believe. So, she was his genie but also fell madly in love with him.

It was a silly little tv show that I watched in re-runs, but Jeannie's suit was definitely sexy and her man was always in uniform!

Don't worry, you can ask away any time you like!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey, what an interesting chapter. You did a marvelous job with Mr. and Mrs. Bennet regarding Lydia, very true to RL, and the dialogues between Darcy and Lizzy were fascinating. I love how you've managed to emphasize his rationality versus her sensitiveness, but made it clear at the same time that the emotions they both have are real and honest, however opposite they may be.

Apart from that you did a great job with Wickham, what a lousy *******.

Darcy couldn’t help himself. He moved forward in his seat on the sofa and clutched Lizzy’s hands firmly. His voice was determined and clear, and he made sure they were eye to eye. “I could never make you weak. It’s not in you. You are far too strong, and I need that from you.”

This is so poignant, Tracey. Making her weak surely is the last thing he would want to do to her: he respects, loves and admires her way too much, as she does him… in the end. ;)

Thanks for this wonderful, in-depth chapter!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I wish I was as eloquent as Lizzy! The dialogues are wonderful and the emotions they both experience are described with so much insight!

And the parents-Lydia situation was very realistic indeed. You can sense the feeling of failure on Mr Bennett's side so clearly.

Basically, I absolutely loved it! Just one small criticism... it is so short...;-)

Chapter 20

Renée -- I'd like to think what happens between the Bennets is true to life. You'd know better than me at this point having teenage children, but I suspect you never had a Lydia! LOL

I'm glad you also enjoyed Darcy and Lizzy's dialogue. I find the most challenging part of this story has been to resolve angst believably. These two people don't have "events" keeping them apart as much as their strong characters. But now that I'm in this so deep, I'd like to get back to their teasing dialogue rather than the serious stuff. It can be exhausting!

Kim -- I wish I were as eloquent as Lizzy too! It took me months to write the dialogue and she gets to say it off the top of her head! LOL My chapter was short, you say? What's a girl to do! It was 19 pages in Word! LOL If it's too short, I will simply take it as a compliment.

Many thanks for the comments. They are always appreciated.


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey wrote: "but I suspect you never had a Lydia! LOL"

Thank God, no! What a handful she is... Actually like a bit like my youngest sister who is an example of propriety now!

Can't wait to read your next, Tracey.

Renée <-- fanatically filing Tracey's chapters on her new pages.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey, my dear, I may hug myself: all your chapters are now uploaded! :) If you like I can add a picture on the various pages. If you have a nice one you'd like to see, you only have to send it to me. But it already looks nice without, right? ;)

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Oops, what I actually wanted to say is that it was such a treat to go through it all again! Not that thoroughly, as you can well imagine, but still in a way that I enjoyed myself very much while preparing the chapters for the site!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Thank you so much, Renee! All your hard work is certainly appreciated. I feel quite spoiled. Everything looks lovely.


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

You're welcome, Tracey, y'all deserve it and I love working on it. So, everybody happy.


A&R chapter 21, part 1 now posted on Tracey's story page...

in case you didn't notice: Action and Reaction

A chapter in which Darcy and Elizabeth do their utter best to find a solution for their impasse, a chapter in which we are given hope, even though there are still a few difficulties to be solved and, last but not least, in which Darcy expresses a splendid idea concerning Lydia. (He'll make a great father!)

Why do I love this story so much? It's a story so true to life about two passionate, emotional, but at the same time honest, intelligent, sensible people. A story in which two people, who are obviously meant for each other take their relationship seriously. And what do two people who take their relationship seriously do? They talk! However difficult that often is. They don't hide their feelings for the sake of the other, they want to build up that complete trust to always at least understand each other, have an open mind for the other, to allow the other to be him/herself always, which is necessary once you've made your choice. The very basis for a life time enjoyment of being in one another's company.

All these internal psychological battles didn’t mean they’d forgotten how to kiss.

God forbid!!!

It was lovely, dear Tracey, I so enjoyed reading it. Well worth the wait! However, I'm longing for part 2, as you can well imagine, so don't wait too long!


Re: chapter 21, part 2 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Woohoooo! Chapter XXI, part 2 is up. Enjoy!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Christmas comes early this year! Thanks, Tracy for another chapter. It was well worth the wait. Very realistic indeed, as Renee already stated.

The end makes me really curious though, so I hope we won't have to wait as long this time around. :-)

Merry Christmas!


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Lizzy was an obstacle that could be surpassed by the flaunting of their assets-usually cleavage, ample or otherwise.

Monkey behaviour! What a funny picture you've painted here, Tracey. I could see it happening. And couldn't help comparing the behaviour of those silly girls with the behaviour of female monkeys trying to humour the boss of the group I saw recently in a documentary on Discovery.

Wickham slipped out by the back door leaving the pieces of his behaviour behind. Can't help feeling sorry for the silly girl. But the discussion with Lizzy will help her become a more sensible person in the future.

I'm so sorry for Lizzy. She's so confused. I hope you won't torment her too long. Let's face it: those two are meant for each other... so, what are you waiting for!?!?

Thanks, Tracey.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I have a question. Is this story finished? I failed to understand it if it is.I was devilishly enjoying myself only to find I could not finish to read it. Can you explain me what might have happened? By the way. The story IS terrific!!!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

No, my dear, this story isn't finished. But don't worry, Tracey will finish it eventually.

It's great, isn't it? We are all anxious to read the next.

New chapters

Eli, Renée is quite right. I will finish it eventually. When I started the story, I was married and childless... now I have two children under the age of three. My time table changed dramatically.

I am still working on it when I get a chance. I've been writing a bit this past week which is the first time since my baby was born in March.

Eli, thank you so much for commenting and your interest. I'm glad people are still get enjoyment from my writing. You've made my day. :D

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey, I'm so happy you manage to at least write a little. That means that you have a little time to yourself once in a while!

I'm very much looking forward to your next chapter but I will patiently await your announcement.


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Uf!!That is a relief. I am so hooked with the story. Anyway, it is great that you have found your own Mr Darcy and have already produced his offsprings. Congrats!!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I may have missed it. But I have always wondered what his third wish would be. Since he is at such an empass right now with E - or sort of - I wondered if he might use his third which to get them back on the right track so to speak. But then again, he might have used it and I missed it. His second wish was MOST INTERESTING.

I do hope to see this story finished. It has been a wonderful read. But I do understand about RL, especially about RL with 2 little ones under 3.



Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

UNDERSTANDING OR NOT THIS WAITING IS REALLY VEXING, IS IT NOT?Just joking. I am a mother of 4 and I know what it means not to have time to sneeze. But it must be rewarding for the authoress to know we are desperate expecting a posting one of these days.
Love Eli

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey, I've finished reading Action and Reaction. I'm eager to find out what happens next!!! Are lizzy and Darcy getting back together without a hitch or are they running into more obstacles on their way to reconciliation? I'm so giddy with anticipation! Hope your able to work as much as we all hope you are, I'm sure I speak for many when I say "Hurry,Hurry,Hurry!!!" JK
Well I am in the process of rereading the entire thing only because I'm picking up on alot that I didn't quite understand the first time or that i just completely missed. Keep up the great work and please make it a few more chapters, I really don't want it to end.

Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Eli! You're too funny. Finishing my story is still on my mind, though unfortunately it's not my main concern right now. It's high up there, but time is certainly lacking. I wish I could give you a date to let you know when I'll post again, but I just don't know. But let me tell you, knowing you're still interested is very gratifying. Mother of four... I don't know how you do it!

M2 -- No... he has not used his third wish yet. He's got that in his back pocket, doesn't he? Care to guess what it's for (though I'll never tell until I post it).

Jes -- Re-reading my story? I'm glad you enjoy it that much. Reconcilliation is soon in the story, it's just my slow posting time that's keeping them apart. There are about three chapters left as I'm a bit wordy. I thought it was only two, but it's definitely three.

Thanks for all the comments!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

OOOHHHH I can't wait!!! Take your time and make them the best three chapters ever.

As far as the third wish goes- I'd like to guess how it will be used- Let's see...hmmmm.

Maybe it will be used somehow in his proposal for marriage. Yes, just maybe, but let me give it more thought. Be back soon.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Tracey - just wanted to tell you that I really love this story and am glad that you are working towards finishing it.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I am also verrrrrrrrrry glad that you are finishing this lovely story of yours. I've reread them especially those special moments over and over again ..can't wait for the next 3 chapters. HAving 4 kids of my own, I can fully understand your tight schedule..but you are indeed giving us the greatest pleasure by sharing your lovely ideas here. Thanks Tracey

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

I too wanted to say how much I love your story. The relationships you have created and all the little things in between are all fullfilling to read. I too can't wait to read the rest of the story when you post it....You have a great talend.

Tracey's Action & Reaction

Ladies, you are all really sweet with your comments... and incredibly patient. I'm very pleased you've been enjoying my story and I hope the last few chapters will be as entertaining to read.

Thanks so much for the encouragement.

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!


I already posted my question on the 36D thread by mistake. Apologies, I´m quite new to the board although I´ve been folowing the fanfictions everytime time allows me to. Anyway I asked there if you were planning to continue with A&R as I saw your last comment and realized it had been some time since you last updated. Now reading this, I realize with great delight you are working on it.

Thank you so much for providing us a lovely story. I´ll be waiting eagerly to read the next installment.

Action & Reaction

Diana! Welcome to Renee's board and thank you so much for your kind comments. These days it's tough to get time to write, but reading all these positive words really encourages me to get cracking!

Thanks again!

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

!Haberlo dicho antes señorita!Had I known that it only took a little encouragement to put you writing I would have written before. Personally, I find most authors on this page very talented. Great imagination. I know some critics have treated them as second class, but I most definitely put those acid words aside. I do not think there is such thing as second class. There is writing or there is not. The proof of the cake is in the eating. As long as there are eager consumers, then the merchandise must be good. So please Tray, feed us!

Re: Tracey's Action & Reaction

Tracey, I have sent you an e-mail but thought I would put up some coments on your story for others to see. Action & Reaction is a wonderful story Lizzy and Darcy are so intuitive to each other thoughts and feelings. It is such a deep thing to have and to be aware of in a relationship. Greet Job Tracey I hope you can finish this story soon or at least give us a chapter of 2 read. Oh and good luck with your young family. julia42

Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Hi Julia,

Tracey's on vacation right now, so I take the liberty to reply for her. Rest assured, she will finish A&R eventually.


Re: chapter 17 of Tracey's Action & Reaction posted!

Thanks Renee. I had been reading Tanya's stories and since I have been waiting for more post's from her I took your advice and started reading on stories from other authors, which I have truely enjoyed. I love your web site and wish you and all the writers the best of luck. julia42

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