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Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

I found this on the Internet today. There's no date, but I believe it's based on a recent poll.

Bridget # 1


Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...


Not sure what to think of that - it is sad to me she beat out Elizabeth, and a number of others on that list too - but then, it makes sense as a popularity poll. Currently (at least before P&P3 came out in Britain), more people are buying/seeing/thinking about Bridget than the others. The exact dating of the poll would be interesting to know, as well as if it was American or British or what.

Thanks Renee!

Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

Joanie, it was a British poll, organized by an Internet bookseller (IIRC).

I understand the preference too, but it's a bit sad all the same. Elizabeth's character is so much more interesting. but I suppose, many young women can identify with her... sadly enough.

Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

I've got to say, the character of Bridget Jones annoys me to no end. She does so very many stupid, pathetic, self-destructive things that I just cannot relate to her at all. I wanted to slap her in exasperation half of the time while reading the book, which ultimately comes to the conclusion that only a man can make her whole and happy.

Elizabeth Bennet, on the other hand, while flawed, has a strong sense of self, is principled and I find a great deal to admire in her. A major message of P&P is that no woman need feel thankful to any man to condescend to be with her.

Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

I am so sorry to contradict you, but for me Bridget is the greatest heroine of our times, surviving to spinterhood in a world filled with unmarriagable guys or already married ones.I happen to be the one an only married woman of quite a bunch of unmarried group of friends.These girls have fun but at the same time long for a family of their own.I find Bridget and her girl friends making exactly the same pathetic mistakes about guys and looks.They felt so well mirrored with her and we together had a terrific time watching the movie.Let aside the kissing scene in the snow AHHH Collin...

Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

Oh, I have to say I cannot understand why Elizabeth is less popular than Bridget....
Elizabeth, is witty, clever and self sufficient. You do feel her ans Darcy will love each other as equals.
Bridget is infuriating, worrying abut her weight, worrying that only a man can make her truely happy, and she is not witty.....grr, then again she does get Colin Firth, which must elevate her in many girls eyes!

Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

I guess you put it quite brilliantly honey. These two are beyond comparison. Do you recall the smack Bridget gets at the end of the movie?

Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

Bridget Jones will alway have a special place in my heart, mainly because the movies a) started my Colin Firth obsession, which led directly to b) my P&P obession

However, as that last sentance probably makes obvious, IMNSHO, Elizabeth Bennet is the much better character, more well rounded, less whiney, and more willing to take control. Or something. Anyway Lizzy rocks!

That was goin to be a thoughtful and well presented argument, but I am just too tired. But I wouldn't call Bridget the greatest heroine by a long chalk. No sir!

Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

Bridget Jones will alway have a special place in my heart

In mine as well, Michelle. I became aware of CF's existence because of this movie as well. Mr - Regency - Darcy followed soon after! Hadn't followed it when on TV in the nineties. Totally and completely hooked...

Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

I also don't understand Bridget being more popular. While 'flawed' characters are real and have more depth, Bridget falls back on a stereotype from past generations. She relies on having a relationship with a man as a means of her happiness and defining her worth. It isn't just one component of her character, it is the main component of her obsessiveness. In her unhappiness, she drinks to excess and generally seems weak in her strength of character when it comes to sacrifices to better herself (ie her weight). All together, not an excellent role model.

Bridget is a fantastic comedic character that HF drew well for her purposes, but I'm amazed she is more popular amongst readers that EB. Maybe they aren't readers, maybe they are movie goers.

Re: Bridget more popular than Elizabeth...

Maybe they aren't readers, maybe they are movie goers.

You might be right there, Lisa. Even though BJD, the book, was a huge bestseller and, in England, a BBC programme (IIRC) had a vote for the best book ever, and I believe P&P ended very high on the list. Can't recall where exactly.

Whomever voted, I'm convinced that more people have read BJD than P&P.

It's a pity that the voters tended towards a more or less shallow, stereotype of a character, and a person I would have been ashamed of to be when I was her age (in the early eighties). She lacks the depth and insight of EB, and indeed that dependancy of a man in her life! As far as the Bridget Jones's of this world, the second feminist wave has led to nothing... However enjoyable, in fact it's nothing but a poor substitute of the original.

I dread the thought of a third movie in which she's pregnant with DC's child... If a person's so stupid she doesn't deserve so much support!