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Darcy's Diary...

Here's a link to Amanda Grange's website, the authoress of Darcy's Diary that received a favourable review on

Excerpt of the review:

Those Darcy fans who are looking for an angsty, melodramatic Darcy who beats his breast from the torture of unrequited love (even whilst recalling a history as ravisher of Pemberley maidservants and scourge of London lightskirts–or, Jane help us, adolescent fantasies about Mrs. Reynolds) will find no satisfaction here. Ms. Grange’s Darcy is an intelligent and slightly stiff young man who takes a personal journey that teaches him a great deal about himself and brings him what he needs, and what he is unconsciously seeking: to love life again after suffering loss and shouldering immense responsibility. It is this trait that is most delicately painted, and one which we are told is brought to the fore in the new film of P&P, making us think that the volume will be a fine companion piece for the new film as well as the novel. Darcy’s Diary is a gift to a new generation of Darcy fans and a treat for existing fans as well.

Possibility to pre-order at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Sounds interesting!

Re: Darcy's Diary...

Here's a picture of the cover. What do you think? A handsome Mr. Darcy?

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Re: Darcy's Diary...

Well, I had actually picked out that very portrait to fit Mr. Collins or Mr. Rushworth, a long time ago when I was idly thinking of such things. It doesn't look like my Mr. Darcy at all!


Re: Darcy's Diary...

Not my idea of Mr. Darcy, either, J, except for the hair and outfit. His face is way too soft, too 'pappy'... and no haughtiness in his expression at all, way too friendly. I can imagine though that at the time it was considered a handsome face. Have you any idea whose portrait it is?


Re: Darcy's Diary...

Did anyone read this book anyway?

Re: Darcy's Diary...

Nope, I didn't! I've heard it must be pretty good, but I cannot judge for myself. It's unlikely that I'll read it on a short notice, I've got so many other books to finish first, hardly know where to begin!

Re: Darcy's Diary...

Ooh its awful, there are two mr darcy's diaries so far as I know, one is terrible, its basically Pride and Prejudice copied, I think this is the Amanda grange book, and the other was a little surprising, with Georgina's elopement a little worse than what mr darcy wrote down and a bit dark, but otherwise, not exactly worth a buy.

Sequels are just so awful, published ones, I've yet to read a good one, fanfiction online is much better.=)