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Carthia's "All Souls Night"

"During a cold October night Elizabeth's curiosity induces her to go into the forest and examine the source of a mysterious light. She finds something she had never expected... "

Read Carthia's lovely story "All Souls Night" here


Re: Carthia's "All Souls Night"

Great Short story - I hope you write some more.

Re: Carthia's "All Souls Night"

HI there! Just wanted to say that I am one of your biggest fans. I LOVE your stories and I can't wait to read more. I've read 'Life is Better with Animals' and I just have to say, it is one of the best fanfictions ever made for pride and Prejudice. I really liked this story as well, I just love how you can summarize a story in such a fantasy kind of way.. Just pure genius!

Anyways, just to sum up- I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

Re: Carthia's "All Souls Night"

That was a nice story... makes me interested - there could be so much more - see where the prediction took her, how things could change knowing the future... a seed... but it is great as a short story, too. Thanks for sharing it!