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Joe Wright BAFTA newcomer nominee

Read Joe Wright's reaction to his nomination here:

The Guardian Unlimited



Re: Joe Wright BAFTA newcomer nominee

Yesterday evening it
This year's Orange British Academy Film Awards were held on Sunday 19 February 2006 at the Odeon Leicester Square in London.

All but one of the Pride and Prejudice nominees had to give way to their competitors, unfortunately:

The Carl Foreman Award for special achievement by a British Director/Producer or Writer in their first feature film went to Joe Wright.

Congratulations Joe!

Read more on the official BAFTA site


Re: Joe Wright BAFTA newcomer nominee

Bafta delight for British director

After his win for Special Achievement by a British Director, Writer or Producer in their First Feature Film, director Joe Wright said: "I'm just delighted. I really thought that because it was a panel vote it might go to people who had gone to war-torn places.

"I'm very surprised and delighted. It's going to go on top of my bookshelf and I'm going to look at it when I'm feeling a bit down."

Read the entire article here

Re: Joe Wright BAFTA newcomer nominee

I read somewhere that Matthew Macfadyen was nominated for some award in Bafta but was surprised he got absolutely nothing in any of the award organizations. I think he was so believable as Darcy but perhaps the screenplay did not give him enough of a role to work with. I am really disappointed that Pride and Prejudice did not get more recognition for the music, the acting and the film itself. It seems only films that show violence, odd sex, or have socio-cultural themes make it with critics. I'm glad that Joe Wright got recognition at least. I want to thank him for creating this wonderful film. And I'm glad that Keira Knightley got an Oscar nomination at least.

Re: Joe Wright BAFTA newcomer nominee

Hello Ilze,

Matthew wasn't nominated for a BAFTA award, but received a nomination from the London Film Critics. He didn't win though, I'm sorry to say. As far as P&P is concerned, Joe Wright received the award for best British director and Tom Hollander (Mr. Collins) for best supporting actor.


Re: Joe Wright BAFTA newcomer nominee

Question: And Matthew MacFadyen for Darcy?

Joe: First, he's the right age. Second, he's a big strong manly man. I didn't want a pretty boy, boy band kind of boy, I wanted a man, and he's an incredible actor. I've loved his work for many years and I think he is an astonishingly good actor. I know also he is not vain; he's not coming to the role trying to promote himself as a ******* sex symbol. He's coming as an actor trying to understand who his character is. He's interested in people and I think that's probably why he acts and so for all of those reasons he felt perfect. Also, he is just a big sexy man and when I put him opposite Keira Knightley they were just astonishing together.

This interview with Joe Wright isn't new, but I don't believe I've ever posted it. So, for your enjoyment, fans of P&P3, you can read it here

How to Contact Jow

Does anyone know how to contact Joe Wright? Like his e-mail address or mailing address?

Re: Joe Wright BAFTA newcomer nominee

Hello Syd,

You could try to contact his agent, here's the address:

Sue Rogers
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street

Good luck!

Re: Joe Wright BAFTA newcomer nominee

Today I accidentally stumbled on this interview with Joe Wright. Don't think it's new, but nice enough to post.

You'll find it here