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P&P 1940 ... a little spoilerish...

...for those who'd like to see it.

I watched the first movie of Pride and Prejudice the other day and I liked it sooooo much!

Considering this movie as a product of its time (naturally), I cannot but conclude that it's utterly charming. The obvious movie sets, all studio work, those specific mannerism in acting, the costumes (borrowed from 'Gone with the Wind' )... Delightful nostalgia... ummm... for my mum. Movie making has come a long way, that's for sure! )

As in the new movie, original situations and dialogue have been interwoven, and it hasn't been done so badly, like I sort of expected. Not really surprising actually, after all, Aldous Huxley has written the screenplay. I didn't know that. (He put quite a morbid joke into Mr. Bennet's mouth, BTW, when Mrs. Bennet complains about the difficulties they have to face marrying of 5 daughters... "Perhaps we should have drowned a few when they were born..." Eek...)

Mr. Darcy is way too nice, almost as from the beginning. Greer Garson is a lovely Elizabeth, even though an almost retired one. The couple is absolutely stunning. Loved to see colonel Fitzwilliam in a kilt (must be my Outlander obsession) and had to LOL at Lady Catherine appearing to be on the couple's side; that she worked hand in glove with her nephew and was actually testing if Lizzy's love for her nephew was true.

I had to chuckle how 'Pemberley' was pronounced: 'Pemberlay'... The rivalry between the various mothers was funny. Charlotte was quite pretty, the makers were too mild on Mr. Collins and Mary was funny rather than serious. All in all all the girls were much prettier than I imagine them to be, but that's Hollywood.

Anyway, I was so fortunate as to receive the tape from my wonderful JA friend from Berlin, but at you can order your own copy. (Click on the image)
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Re: P&P 1940 ... a little spoilerish...

I recently viewed the 1940 version of P&P, the actress that played Aunt Cat. was Edna Mae Oliver. In her other films I have watched she was always a comedic relief, so her performance in P&P is right on.

Re: P&P 1940 ... a little spoilerish...

How does Sir Lawrence Oliver do as Mr Darcy? Does he beat our beloved Colin Firth? I like him so much as Heatclif whatever that name is spelled.Come and haunt me Cathy!Come back and haunt me! I cried myself out at that scene. I am a huge fan of him, and I thought that Mr CF was playing his role at PP a little sir Lawrencelike at times. The way CF clentched his lower jaw and held in his glee or pain was very much like him.Perhaps he was inspired in his interpretation.

Re: P&P 1940 ... a little spoilerish...

Sir Laurence is utterly and totally adorable and handsome in this version! *swoon*

Re: P&P 1940 ... a little spoilerish...

Look at this comment I found about Laurence Olivier.
I was just going to comment that I think Firth resembles Olivier a bit.
Yes. He does a little, only a little.
Olivier's Darcy should have been less charming and he should have scowled just as he does when he plays Heathcliff (I have just watched the movie and now I know that he was named after a cliff with flowers) Surely the director's fault, not the great actor.
Anyway. Thank you Mrs Darcy for the tip. A delightful movie, I say.