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The screenplay


Thanks for the screenplay. I am still in love with the movie, particularily MM's Mr. Darcy but also all the other actors, the scenes and scenery and the wonderfully touching music. Will you post some more? And why were so many of the scenes deleted?

I want to add another comment. To the lest of the web page there is the picture of Darcy kissing Lizzie. It looks like he is kissing off her lips. Is this what actors have to do or is his wife exceptiionally jealous? I loved the ending. It was sweet and suggestive and beautiful. I totally cannot understand the people who found it objectionable. Thanks again for all the information you post re this wonderful film.


Re: The screenplay

Ilze, thanks!

I'm going through the entire script and compare it with the movie (such a good excuse to watch it over and over again ) and will post the rest asap. It's amazing how many scenes have been deleted while shooting. I hope there will be a special edition one fine day with many scenes of which I think it's a shame that they have been cut.

Movie kisses are often fake, of course, but I believe in this case he touches her lips. I have a larger picture in a promo book that shows it quite clearly. I doubt very much his wife would be jealous. She's an actress herself and knows very well that they all 'act' and 'pretend'.


Re: The screenplay

For your enjoyment, here's the kiss again!

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Hmmm... perhaps his mouth is a bit below hers after all.


Re: The screenplay

Hello there!

Popping in to tell you that scenes 35 - 86 (Hunsford included) have been posted. Enjoy!


Re: The screenplay

Ladies (and gents), I've just completed the posting of the screenplay. Enjoy!


Re: The screenplay

Thank you a thousand times for posting this! I have just put my work aside and read through this for the last hour. I am shocked at how many scenes were cut. I wonder if they filmed everything and deleted the scenes during the editing process. What a shame! There are so many incredible possibilities!

Thank you for such a wonderful, wonderful site!

Re: The screenplay

Thank you and you're welcome, Maya!

I think many scenes have actually been shot, but there were two already deleted before filming since it said so in the script itself: scene 15 and 16. So, we will never know how they would have looked like.

Let's just hope that one fine day a new version will be produced to which the deleted scenes are added.


Re: The screenplay

Dear Renee,

Thanks again for all the screeplays. Although I have the video (US version but haven't watched it yet), the screenplay brought me back into that thoroughly romantic and wonderful film.
I did finally also watch the Colin Firth version and agree that he is a magnetic Mr.Darcy, though I still prefer Matthew Macfadyen. What I noticed in comparison between the two is how little a role Macfadyen was given in this version. It seemed the equivalent of the male ballet dancer whose main funtion is to prop up the ballerina. I watched this film 3 times and would have gone for at least one more time if it hadn't disappeared. I found myself impatiently waiting for the scenes between Macfadyen and Keira but she was obvioulsy given the star role. I think Madfadyen was cheated out of his chance to show his acting ability in this way. Perhaps, the director needed a big star like Keira to draw and audience.
In the BBC version, Colin Firth was shown pursuing Wickham aggressively. They could have improved the movie by adding this to give greater depth to the film. Wickham is a foil for Darcy in that the former represents predatory love while the latter is true love. Sorry, here I am reverting to writing an English term paper
I can't explain the near total lack of awards for this film. Does anyone have any theories? Here in the US, I noticed it was rudely dismissed by the British film critic who writes for the New Yorker. Then in the New York Times, there was a parody of Lizzie and Darcy that was not very flattering. It was a vignette where someone imagines their life after their marriage. Essentially, Lizzie runs back home to mama, complaining that Darcy does nothing but groom his hair(my paraphrase). My instinct is that romantic beautiful films are scorned by some critics. Look at which films won all the accolades.
Whatt were the critics' reactions in other countries?
Anyways, thanks again Renee for providing the screenplays and all the other stories about P & P.

Re: The screenplay

how little a role Macfadyen was given in this version

I soooo agree, way too little Mr. Darcy!

But, the movie only takes 2 hours or so, whereas the makers of the mini-series had almost 6 hours at their disposal. Still, even in the series there was too little Darcy for my taste.

Problem is, Mr. Darcy is much more in the characters' thoughts in the book, or they talk about him without him being actually there!

As far as the lack of awards: I have no idea. It was predicted that reese Witherspoon in Walk the Line would win, and so she did, I hear it's a great movie, but some say that KK deserved it as much. The movie itself wasn't nominated for an oscar, neither was the director. Personally I thought it terrible that the movie was practically ignored by the British BAFTA.

Ah well, it's been a great success despite that and I for one will enjoy it over and over again.