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The books that move men

Source: The Guardian April 6, 2006

When Lisa Jardine and Annie Watkins asked women which book had helped them most during their lives, the clear winner was Jane Eyre, with Pride and Prejudice not too far behind. When they repeated the exercise with men, a very different reading list emerged ...

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Interesting list, there are a couple of my fabourites amongst them, even though I'm not a man. But... Jane Eyre and P&P will always be a part of my list, most definitely!


Re: The books that move men

I love Jane Eyre.........interesting article.... MAny moons ago my hubby and I were backpacking in China for 5 months and the only novels we could find in English were old classics......hubby who never reads classics......fell in love with Jude the Obscure and C>BRontes Villette...which i abhored.. Both thouroughly enjoyed Vanity Fair and have reread it since....