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Wow, I didn't know that about Anna Chancellor...

And now Anna Chancellor (Caroline Bingley in the BBC 1995 mini-series), who is a direct descendant of Austen,...

Read more about the casting of Becoming Jane here

Renée <-- off to Berlin

Re: Wow, I didn't know that about Anna Chancellor...

Oh! Have fun, Renee'!! I haven't been to Germany in over 15 years. My brother lives there....I'm gonna have to scrape together the funds and go sometime and bring my husband along, too. He'd love it.

I have to say that I agree with Anna Chancellor, while I like Anne Hathaway in general, I don't think she's appropriate for this role. Too pretty and not British. I think a British actress should have been chosen for that role...but I will go see the movie, none the less.

Happy traveling!

Re: Wow, I didn't know that about Anna Chancellor...

Hi Rita!

I'm back, and boy did I have fun, apart from the very serious historical tour my daughter (a historian in the making) had prepared for us. Belonging to the first post-war generation and having lived through the cold war, I cannot tell you how impressed and moved I am with what I've seen. The trip was way too short.

About becoming Jane, I can't say I know Anne Hathaway but she's quite beautiful and Jane wasn't according to the pictures, although I thought there's no real evidence it's her.