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thank you for this site!

Hello Renée,
I have never written back to authors as I did never know where to post my comments for the whole site, rather than for one author alone.
You are doing such a great job! the authors too are great! Each one in their own particular way.
I happened to enter by chance (following a clue I found on M.Macfadyen site) and with rather a sceptical eye and started reading "Happenstance" chapter 19 and devoured it through. So I went back to the beginning and read all the other chapters; then updates where too slow for my thirst for news and started reading all the other short I am now addicted. I read it at work if there is a new updated when I am at work (it's English anyway - colleagues think it's a text I am working on - by the way, I'm Italian)...I enter several times a day to check for updates.
In fact stories are well made, plots are carefully crafted, suspense is always granted, language is smooth and running, it reads like updated-Austen: I mean some breathtaking scenes in the bedchamber or in the gazebo would never have found their way into Mrs Austen's chaste prose...
thank you once again. thank you so much.


Re: thank you for this site!

Ciao Paola! A warm welcome to you! you're in good company, since we're all P&P addicts, but one can think of worse addictions, right? This one's quite benign... as long as the boss doesn't notice...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, the authors will be thrilled when they read your post. It's lovely to have you here as a regular visitor and reader, and I'll do my very best to update as regularly as I can.