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on the subject of posting chapters...

Dear friends,

I just like to tell you that, in between all kinds of RL obligations, I'm preparing a couple of chapters to make them post-ready. I know some of your are in agony , but I'll need to ask a little bit more of your patience. There will soon be more of Tanya's and Andie's. I'm eagerly looking forward to Jan's Arranged Marriage, a story, prior to The Journey, she's editing at the moment and... uhmm... I'm working on a new chapter of my own WIP.

For those who know "And Very Impolitic Too", here's a picture of my lovely guest from Texas, Laura (red T-shirt) and me, in front of the hotel owned by Charles Bingley.

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The picture has been taken by a friendly passer-by who didn't realize how small a cell phone/camera is: you see his finger in the front.


Re: on the subject of posting chapters...

Still a really nice picture nonetheless, Renee - what a great looking hotel! Hope you are enjoying your time with your friend.

Re: on the subject of posting chapters...

Thanks, Maura, and yes we had a great time.

Here's a picture of the building. The interior is wonderful as well: very Victorian, sooooo romantic!

Originally it was the townhouse of an aristocrat. Not by the name of Darcy though...

Re: on the subject of posting chapters...

Gee,thanks Renee for sharing such intimaces with us your humble subscriptors. Do not worry. Here I am biding my time for ever re reading Tanya's stories and Linda Bersoll's novel. It is a good thing nevertheless to know that you will have so much material to post in such short term!!!

Re: on the subject of posting chapters...

Renée, oh I'm so glad that you're getting some of your own WIP ready also -- I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far and look forward to a new installment. (Just wanted to let you know that I'm not hounding you about your own story only because I decided to pick my battles .)

Yay for new chapters!

Re: on the subject of posting chapters...

Vicki, if I get the chance -- and I suppose I will -- I'm going to post before the weekend is over.

Now I'm a bit hyper because of my son's success, as you can well imagine... So, I'll just try to relax a bit, have a good glass of wine and... well, tomorrow's another day!

As far as my own is concerned, I'm definitely making progress. And I think I have enough to bother my lovely beta with. It's high time I'd post again!


Re: on the subject of posting chapters...

Oh, I think you are understandably excited -- so I hope you enjoy your glass of wine and that you have a nice relaxing night.

(And I'll look forward to a post whenever you get to it -- and, believe me, I'll check a few times in between . I'm glad your own story is nearing a new posting -- I'm sure it's challenging keeping up the website and your own writing at the same time!)

Congratulations, again. I'll bet your son is so thrilled to have random Austen lovers excited for him!