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It's PARTY TIME... my son graduated :)

dear friends,

My dear son has GRADUATED!

I am so happy, I'm in the shop. lots of people at the moment he called and I actually started shouting, crying and laughing at the same time.

Everybody congratulated me, it was sooooooo funny.

Oh boy, how can I possibly fulfill my duties here? I want to celebrate, I want to hug him so badly...

And... more good news: his girlfriend, who strived for 'cum laude' so as to get immediate access to the medicine studies for which there's a numerus clausus in Holland, achieved her goal, smart girl. My son will follow his sister's footsteps and go to Leiden University to study the law.

Wow, what a day. *sigh* This girl is soooooooooooooooooo happy! On my birthday the diplomas will be handed out, what a treat!

Re: It's PARTY TIME... my son graduated :)

That's wonderful news. Congratulations!!!

Re: It's PARTY TIME... my son graduated :)

Thanks, Vicki, can't tell you how happy I am! :)

Re: It's PARTY TIME... my son graduated :)




Very best wishes to your dear boy!

Julia B

Re: It's PARTY TIME... my son graduated :)

have my best congratulations and please extend them to the newly graduated "Doctors" (we all become "dottore" in Italy when we graduate).
you must be dizzy with joy: and you certainly deserve every single spark of happiness, where it only for the great job you do here for us - MOST UNPATIENT readers. baci

Re: It's PARTY TIME... my son graduated :)

Thanks girls! We've been partying yesterday and I had some delicious real French champagne rosé. Can still feel it a little in my legs.