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you few, you happy few, you band of AUTHORS

Dearest Renée, Dearest Authors,
while we wait for updates - and wait we must - I was looking for news on the excellent authors in this site, but I have not found anything (have I missed something?).
Of course I would not want to know anything that intrudes privacy, only a few details to imagine the authors behind the stories:
Are they all women (that's how I imagine them, I may be wrong)? what country are they from? is English their mother tongue? whant is their age range? is writing stories something to do with their job or is it a hobby? how do they prepare for their stories? do they only write fanfiction or do they also write other stories? is it a lonely hobby or do they discuss or cooperate with friends to find the right plot and right details? did they ever publish something (quality is excellent, I wonder why not!).
And whatever further information they may be willing to share.
Once again I hope I am not intruding in anyway, and should it be so I beg you to accept my apologies; it is just that I have began visting this site a few months ago, and now I am "trapped" and would very much like to know something about who trapped me and how.
thank you so very much!

Re: you few, you happy few, you band of AUTHORS

What a lovely question, cara Paola.

As a matter of fact I initially planned to post short biographies of the authors on their individual pages, but I must confess that it sort of retreated into the background, probably due to all the other important things that had to be done to make the site operational. I can tell you, it was, and still is, quite a learning process!

Anyway, in case your post escapes their notice, I'll e-mail all authors and ask them to send me the info they wish to share. Subsequently I'll upload that information on their pages.

For now, I can tell you that we're an international group of women: Abby, Tracey and Sofie are Canadian; Carthia (aka Maja) is Polish, Andie is Austrian, Tanya is Russian but lives in the USA, Lisa is American but lives in Australia, Grace, Joanie, Jan, Julie and Roya are American and, indeed, live in the USA and I'm Dutch. Obviously, our love for Mr. Darcy brought us together. I am so fortunate as to have met quite a few of the authors in person (Roya, Tracey, Grace, Joanie, Julie, Maja and Tracey), some even more than once, I've spoken to Lisa on the phone on various occasions and the others I meet regularly in the LJ communities or just via e-mail exchanges.

Thanks for asking, Paola. I see there's still some interesting work for us to be done!