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Thank you for ordering through Mrs. Darcy's...

I like to thank all those faithful visitors who have placed orders at Amazon through Mrs. Darcy's Story Site the past two years.

By doing so, you've helped me maintain the site in a financial way. Maintaining this site is a great hobby of mine and generally, when taken seriously, hobbies are not for free. In this particular case, a yearly subscription fee for the site itself and another for the message forum.

So, if you haven't thought of it before, but are used to order at amazon, I'd appreciate it very much if you did so through Mrs. Darcy's Story Site in the future. It won't cost you a penny more, but it helps secure the continuation of the site.

I often post recommendations on the 'what's new' page, there's a collection of interesting publications on the Everything Regency Page and, last but not least, there's


Re: Thank you for ordering through Mrs. Darcy's...

oops, broken link. I meant to write: ... there's Mrs. Darcy's Online Store


Re: Thank you for ordering through Mrs. Darcy's...

just for better understanding: the fact that I use your link to Amazon but purchase - ig - Bob The Builder DVD for my 5 yo son is helping you as well ?

I thought it would work only on the items you (Mrs Darcy site) recommend.

If I was wrong and the former is true, I am very foolish indeed as I am a (veryvery) faithfull client for Amazon...

Re: Thank you for ordering through Mrs. Darcy's...

Glad you ask, Mihaela. Actually Mrs. darcy will profit from anything you order through the site. Definitely not only the books/dvds I recommend. I believe that even if you order at and click via the American site to the French or UK one, I will get a percentage. :)

So, thank you so much for ordering through Mrs. Darcy's.