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Real life Mr darcy....

OMG i have meet a real life darcy....i just had to say it...i am amaized, i feel like i have really found the present life darcy jajajaja, well minous the 30,000 .
he totally intrigued me, i did not understand his snobish, proud atitude untill i realyzed he has the personality of MR darcy.
totally weird,,,,,,

Re: Real life Mr darcy....

Congratulations, Rachel. This is wonderful news.

Re: Real life Mr darcy....

Dearest. I have news for you. All men are like Mr Darcy as regards pride and haughtiness. They just lack his sensuality. In the end all real Darcys turn bald and old and rude and only god knows what. The only one that remains a gourgeous god is our fictional hero!

Re: Real life Mr darcy....

Eli, not all Darcy's turn out to be bald! and Rachael is he going to propose....unexpectedly? and what will your answer be?

Re: Real life Mr darcy....

Indeed not, Trixiari, my 50-something old husband has fabulous hair; silver, I grant you, but he's not bald, far from it! Definitely still my favourite Mr. Darcy.

Re: Real life Mr darcy....

I do not change fictional Mr Darcy for the hairedest man!! Renee, what were you planning to ask your husband?

Re: Real life Mr darcy....

Renee, what were you planning to ask your husband

diamonds are a girl's best friend, and a bit of flattery get your there... hee hee hee

Seriously, he has a marvelous head of hair!