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P&P pictures etc.

Since yours truly and a few others were about to hijack Tanya's thread, I thought to open a new one on the subject.

So, my dears, here you can post P&P pictures and chat about the various versions to your heart's content... But do not hotlink!! Download pictures first to your pc and then upload them to a special pictures programme such as photobucket. Enjoy!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

If you don't know how to post pictures and/or links emial me!

Re: P&P pictures etc.

Ohh! That besoted look! Longing so for a good hug!

Re: P&P pictures etc.

I have a keyring with that look on. I can get Mr. Darcy to look at me like that when I'm having a right old lesson!

Re: P&P pictures etc.

I used the one you posted in Tanya's section as screen saver. Only I cannot read the script. What does it say?

Re: P&P pictures etc.

What do you mean, Eli? I don't understand I'm afraid.

Re: P&P pictures etc.

On Tanya's thread Eli started speaking about a certain scene...

"My favourite though is the smirk on his face when he asks her "On foot?" He is said to have been asked to play it as if he was rather...ehm you know. I like to imagine that!!"

Eli what did you mean? As if he was rather... what? I'm curious