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Fan Fic article Obersver newspaper 29/10/06

Dear Renee,
Thank you for drawing my attention to this article- before I even had time to find it in my own copy of The Observer!
How refreshing to read something that does not disparage fan fiction and even identifies its merits.
Best wishes

Re: Fan Fic article Obersver newspaper 29/10/06

Hi Juliet, and you're welcome.

Fanfiction is a phenomenon not to be denied anymore. It's a huge source of enjoyment for thousands of readers and for authors often a fantastic exercise before trying their hand on a story of their own. At least, I know a few who were excellent FF authors and are now working on stories of their own. Some even are published authors in the meantime.

When my P&P obsession started and I searched for kindred spirits a couple of years ago, I didn't even know the term!