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Donations and aStore...

Dear visitors of Mrs Darcy's Story Site

You might have noticed already, but on top of this page you'll find a paypal icon. By clicking on this icon you can donate a dollar or two for the maintenance of this site.

Nobody should feel obliged, but a small contribution from your part does help secure the continuation and maintenance of the domain name, the site and its pro message forum. And, for your enjoyment, eventually more paid tools could be acquired in the near future.

So, if you consider this, don't let the Dutch text* on the icon and page to which it leads stop you: it's perfectly safe, and Mrs Darcy would be most grateful indeed.

Another possibility to help Mrs Darcy to a little bit of extra pin money, is to order your books, DVDs, CDs and other items at Mrs. Darcy's online store.

Rest assured that all funds will be for the benefit of the site, and the site alone.

Thank you!


* Having a Dutch account, I'm automatically re-directed to the Dutch paypal pages apparently. I've inquired how to change this and I'm awaiting a reply.

Re: Donations and aStore...

Dear friends,

Some of you inquired after the paypal form. I understand that it's a bit complicated since it's in Dutch. There are possibilities to change it, but the way paypal explained it to me was not very clear, and I'm afraid I have to contact them again.

However, the text on the forms are the same in each language, so here I'll give you the exact text as it is on English forms, preceded by the Dutch text so that you can make the comparison:

"Doneren" on the icon is "Donate" in English... but I bet you already knew that.

Betalingsinformatie invoeren
Paypal is de geautoriseerde betaalservice voor Voer hieronder de vereiste informatie in om door te gaan. Meer weten over Paypal.

Enter Paypal information
PayPal is the authorized payment processor for To continue, please enter the required information below. Learn more about PayPal.

Betaling voor - hoeveelheid - prijs
(subtotaal, verzending, BTW N/A)
Payment for - quantity - price

Paypal. Betaal snel met Paypal
Het is gratis en veilig. Handelaren krijgen uw financiële informatie nooit te zien.
Uw e-mailadres of wachtwoord vergeten?

Paypal. Pay Fast With PayPal
It’s free and private. Merchants never see your financial info.
Forgot email address or password?

Hebt u geen Paypal-rekening?
(icons creditcards)
Gebruik uw creditcard of bankrekening (waar beschikbaar)


Don't have a PayPal Account?
Use your credit card or bank account (where available).


end of form

I hope this solve things.

And thank you so much for your interest.


Re: Donations and aStore...

Darn, all of a sudden they've changed the form!! This morning it was like my previous message...

Okay, will inform you about the changes asap...

Re: Donations and aStore...

The mind boggles... Apparently two forms take turns! I didn't know that. For the moment it's the first I posted a translation of again... Well, asa the other one appears I'll post the English text.

Whatever shows, it's safe, I can assure you that at least.

Re: Donations and aStore...

Still, It will be pretty difficult for us to contribute if we cannot decifer the form! I am so bad at this things in my own language! How strange it is not available in English! I hope we can sort out this, for I most sincerely would like to contribute!

Re: Donations and aStore...

The Dutch page is automatically generated by Paypal, probably to make it easier, but in our case it makes things more complicated!

Anyway, the form as it is shown now when clicking the button, is exactly in tune with the English text I posted, and a couple of you didn't have a problem with it, fortunately! I'll open it regularly to see if there are any changes, and post the differences.

Every supporter receives a token of Mrs Darcy's gratitude by snail mail.


Re: Donations and aStore...

I did it! You're redirected to the English form now... Only the icon is still in Dutch, but that won't stop you, now would it?

Renée <-- html savvy

Re: Donations and aStore...

Super! I shall head thither

Re: Donations and aStore...

Super! I shall head thither directly

Re: Donations and aStore...

Mrs Darcy likes to thank the supporters of her site most heartily, and hopes more fanfiction fans will consider following them in their footsteps.

The site is expanding rapidly, and -- I cannot stress it enough -- a contribution from your part does help cover the costs to secure its maintenance, improvement and... continuation. Rest assured that your contribution is most appreciated, and will be reserved for the site only.