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Sue's Regency Encyclopedia

Tis a truth universally acknowledged that a 21st century writer of Regency novels needs detailed sources on all aspects of life at the time. Well, Iis with the greatest pleasure that Mrs Darcy's Story Site has her own login, for the benefit of her visitors, to Sue F's Regency Encyclopedia

In this fantastic reference site of the Georgian and Regency era you'll find two major modules - data & maps. The data module allows you to search by alphabetical category or the easier way, since there are over 300 categories, by categories in like grouping. For example, the Meals master category has sub categories of Breakfast, Poultry, Wine, Dinner, Luncheon, Fruits & Vegetables, Soup & Sauces etc.

The other module, maps, not only contains static maps of England & the shires (some of which I own & scanned for this project) but some interactive maps for fun & education. The first set addresses distances & travel times. You select whatever novel locations you wish to see in your choice of maps of England, London or Bath & we'll give you the approximate overlay map based on all the clues found in the novels. Additionally, you can select any two places on the map, choose your vehicle of choice & it'll tell you how far apart they are & approximately how long it will take to travel that distance.

Those three three maps are unveiled (with a fun twist), the editor received permission to reproduce the 40 panels of Horwood's 1813 map of London to which highlights, rollovers & popups with text & contemporaneous prints of the most famous buildings are added. All the locations in the novels are highlighted. It is called the Tour of Regency London.

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Congratulations Sue and Victoria! I'm in awe.