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The Betrayal by Sophie

A new story on Mrs Darcy's, dear readers. I bet you will enjoy Sophie's romantic novella "The Betrayal". It's completed.

Re: The Betrayal by Sophie

Oh Sophie what a beautiful but tragic story. Wonderful work. We better not let Eli read it though she will be too bevastated to learn of Richards fait.

Re: The Betrayal by Sophie

Very beautifully written Sophie, though sad! The reunited ending is most welcome, yet I just can't help but feel so sorry for all the lost years and the loss of their beloved family/friend. Oh well, nevermind, at least they are now happily together

Re: The Betrayal by Sophie

Tragically beautiful! Great work Sophie! You have touched my heart.

Re: The Betrayal by Sophie

I have no idea what to say......
Fantastic! Beautiful! Sad........ It was all this at the same time. I cried during the last to chapters/parts.

All the while reading this, I could see the scenes play before me in my head. It was like stepping into a film. My only objection is that I think the people are a little out of character (but thats just my opinion).

Thanks, this made my day!

Re: The Betrayal by Sophie

Oh.. that hurt so good...