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Female selfworth and Jane Austen...

If you like you can comment on Germaine Greer's article in this thread.

Re: Female selfworth and Jane Austen...

"Will Elizabeth Bennet be sexually fulfilled as the wife of Mr. Darcy? Possibly not." Obviously, Ms. Greer has not viewed Mr. Darcy as personified by Colin Firth.

Re: Female selfworth and Jane Austen...

Nor did she interview Jennifer - Elizabeth Bennet - Ehle, I presume, who was his RL gf at the time...

Re: Jane Austen on TV

For all British readers or anyone else who can access ITV:
ITV are screening new adaptations of Mansfield Park, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion starting this Sunday at 9pm (British Summer Time - note this is the days the clocks go forward from GMT).
Best wishes

Re: Female selfworth and Jane Austen...

Thanks for the information, Juliet. There's a lot of discussion going on and conparisons with older adaptations made in the LJ communities.

I love Rupert Penry-Jones, and I can't wait to see him in the role of Captain Wentworth!

Unfortunately I can only receive the BBC, but I hope Dutch or Belgian television will broadcast these new adaptations soon as well. It's most of the time the case, so I'm not worried. It's only a pity that I have to wait a little longer than the lucky English fans!

I'll post a couple of pictures soon.

Re: Female selfworth and Jane Austen...

Just want to say, I read this article and thought it was fabulous. Though I still can't warm to Fanny Price (I once read a lady at HG define her as passive aggressive and I think that's accurate), I did think Germain Greer was really accurate.

It is all about self-worth, and self-control (though Lizzy does give Darcy a tongue-lashing in the proposal scene). It's not about getting the man at all costs but getting the man because you deserve each other.

Excellent piece.


Re: Female selfworth and Jane Austen...

I've always greatly admired Germaine Greer's analytical brain. In the early seventies she truly was an example for my generation, at least in Holland, amongst my acquaintances.

Still feel a feminist, and, even though middle-aged, I'm often quite surprised by observations I read here and there on the boards of much younger women than me who so conservatively think about gender roles, marriage, virginity etc.

Tis a truth universally acknowledged of course that movements come and go, and that one is the reaction to another.

We tend to romanticize our beloved couple, but Charlotte is right, I fear, happiness in marriage is a matter of chance... Whether to people marry out of love or otherwise.