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Jane Addiction

Here's a little story I thought I'd share. :)

I should know by now when there's a Jane Austen article in the paper. My husband does the exact same thing every time.

DH: *sighs* "Oh, God."
Me: "What?" Thinking there is some stupid opinion piece by an editorialist I hate.
DH: "Look at this" He says it with what seems like disgust.
I read the title: Jane Addiction

Yes, another piece about the popularity of Ms. Austen. My husband sometimes does feel she's everywhere, and it's at times like these he realizes I'm not so insane for my obsession.

Here's the piece in The Globe and Mail:
Jane Addiction

At least I know he's a good sport and shows it to me!


Re: Jane Addiction

How cool is that!? Such a long article in the newspaper. I still wait for one like that here. But then again, we don't have such an active association of course.

Can imagine your dh's reaction, T. But he's the best, that's for sure!

Thanks for sharing this.

Sofie, if you read this. Will you attend?