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Persuasion 2007

I'm not really familiair with the book, I'm such a PP addict, and it's hard for me to really get into the other novels of JA.

Anyway, I watched the new adaptation of Persuasion tonight, and I really liked it a lot. Particularly the cinematography and music were lovely. Rupert-Penry Jones is a delicious Captain Wentworth and Sally Hawkins a sweet (as she ought) Anne Elliot.

I recommend it, although I must warn you that the script is quite different from the book, but that's almost always the case, right?

Re: Persuasion 2007

It was lovely to watch with strong performances from the two leads, but FAR from the original story line, sometimes quite unnecessarily. Don't know why they do this.
Anyway, it was far more satisfying that seeing Billy Piper mangle Mansfield Park.
Happy Easter/Pesach/Seasons' Greetings to all.

Re: Persuasion 2007

I loved it, dont really mind that they changed it all about and messed it all up. Id suffer as much for a sight of RPJ all dressed up in Regency style. He was just heart stoppingly hansom. Yummy. Oh yes I know, so shallow - but I really done care, when I want Persuasion, I read persuasion, if I want to raise my heart rate.....Ill watch this film!!!