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Renee, I have just by happenstance wandered over to your site here -- a long overdue visit. I am so impressed by all you have done over the last few years. You're new and appreciated in my life right now, but mirabile dictu -- you've had a full life already!! I am eager to find time to read your stories and some of the others I haven't read.

How have you found time to do all this? So accomplished! And do you embroider as well? Extensive reading, I know you do, but what else? I am astonished!


Re: this site

And do you embroider as well?

Gosh, no! I went to a girls' school so I HAD to learn... but I promised myself never to do anything of the sort again after graduation... LOL ...Admittedly, I used to like to knit... a lot, but that's over too.

Anyway, I can't tell you how pleased I was when reading this post. People like you make me going, absolutely.

Where I find the time, you ask? Well, as a translator I spend an awful amount of time in front of the pc, and I like nothing better -- when a paragraph I have to translate doesn't work out at first -- to grant myself a little diversion and turn to my site to update it... Nine out of ten times I find the solution afterwards, so, you see, it encourages creativity. I'm totally convinced about that.

Furthermore, I have a husband who does the cooking most of the time, and grown children who don't need my constant attention anymore... Give me a break, mum! LOL

In short, it's a hobby, and a very rewarding one.

Dear Susan, I most heartily welcome you here, and hope to 'see' you often, very often indeed.