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Pride and Prejudice adaptations.

You can post your opinion on your favourite adaptation in this thread!

Looking forward to your views.


Re: Pride and Prejudice adaptations.

Just to get back to Stevie's comments. I totally get what you are saying about adaptaions vs. JA's works. But in movie land, I am most forgiving if I am entertained and the acting is believable. The 2005 P&P is my favorite and I forgive ALL it's straying and any inaccuracies from the original because I accept that it is a screenplay adaptaion... much like fanfiction is an adaptation. The "artist" interprets and the audience can take it or leave it. I enjoyed the '95 version (recognizing the acting of Mrs. Bennett and Lydia as over-the-top and almost caricatures) and if it weren't for the superb performances of principals in Lizzy and Darcy, I would have never spent the money to own it. Macfadyen's portrayal of Darcy is most believable and he is (to me, perfect!) very prideful, haughty and even shy. But I didn't regard him as shy until Rosings-- and even then still saw him as extremely arrogant. Anyway, I just wanted to chime in and thank you for taking the time to state your rousing opinion. Gotta love the topic: Mr. Darcy, what a man!