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Frederick Wentworth, Captain NONE BUT YOU

Susan Kaye's voice for Captain Wentworth is beautiful. She gives him such depth and I could see more of how he observed Anne and how he misunderstood all her actions towards or around him. I was particularly delighted (and relieved) to understand that he wasn't nearly as attracted to Louisa Musgrove as Anne suspected! I cannot wait for Part 2 (NEXT YEAR!!!!) but thankfully we know how it all ends! Still it's so refreshing to read Persuasion from his viewpoint and not since the Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy has the males' persepective been told so well. Well worth the money!

Re: Frederick Wentworth, Captain NONE BUT YOU

Thank you so much for the recommendation, Christina. I know that Susan K is a fabulous FF author. Even though I only read P&P FF myself, I'll think about it.