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Your most effective "therapy stories" - suggestions?

JAFF Therapy Story List … add your nominations!

Coming soon … in response to the unhappy aftertastes and nightmares occasioned by excessively angsty fanfiction on the boards …

The JAFF Therapy Story List, a new feature on the JAFF Index. Not a popularity poll, but a reader-selected list of stories found most effective for cheering up, for enjoying happy outcomes, for driving torments, traumas, and unpleasant pairings out of one’s head. The sequence of the listing will be determined by reader votes, the tales deemed most helpful for restoring good vibes rising to the top. Spaces to vote and nominate stories will be part of the new page. This is currently being beta-tested, and should be online soon. At one quick link and log-in, a handy list for your recovery!

In the meantime, while waiting, we open this thread to readers to mention their top choices for such therapy stories – not favourites overall, not the most popular, not the ones you admire most as great plots or writing – but rather, simply the ones that you have found work best to cheer you up after reading something unpleasant. These will be counted in the new Therapy Story database, so that it is “seeded” with useful links right away when the page is made public.

Please weigh in with your suggestions, enjoy discussing them here, and while doing so, help us make this list truly useful for the readers!

And if you agree with a previous commenter’s post, please indicate whose, and “ditto” or “I agree”, so that your confirmation of those choices will be counted too.

JA FanFiction Index
UserID: MDSReader ~ Password: MrsDarcy

JAFF Index Fanfiction Therapy online!

Okay everyone, check it out! - a new feature for the JAFF Index is now on-line … Fanfiction Therapy Stories … the third item on the “Reading Ladies” menu.

This is a list of 25 stories that should cheer you up, relax you, and make you feel better – antidotes to the reading of unbearable angst or unpleasant partnerships, perhaps. The stories are selected by readers, with the initial displays “seeded” by suggestions from the beta-testing team, and from title mentions in angst-reduction story discussions on the boards. You can enter votes for stories you have found particularly effective in a polling page linked from the display list, or suggest additional stories if the ones that work best for you are not already on the polling list.

To prevent this feature from taking on too many aspects of a popularity poll, it is randomized in two ways. The 25 stories you see whenever you summon up the Fanfiction Therapy list will be different every time, and the sequence in which they’re presented will also change every time. (Think of an iPod playing in shuffle mode.) Stories more frequently picked by readers as effective for cheering up have a greater chance of showing up, but each list will contain a couple that have only a few counts in the polls.

Otherwise, the Fanfiction Therapy list looks much the same as the other lists that the JAFF Index can generate – titles, authors, dates, thematic categories, and links to the boards on which you can read them.

You may not always agree with what other readers consider therapy … but the categories included in the listing should guide you to something that works for you.

UserID: MDSReader
Password: MrsDarcy
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Re: Your most effective "therapy stories" - suggestions?

I have been trying to get in by using the suggested ID and Password and it does not work.

Have they been changed to this date?

Could you please tell me how to get in?



Re: Your most effective "therapy stories" - suggestions?

Maria, the login and password are both case sensitive, so use capitals where required and, vice versa, small letters. It should work!

Re: Your most effective "therapy stories" - suggestions?

Just checked myself. So funny, Victoria, how different people think about 'therapy'. There are some chosen I'd definitely couldn't read for that reason! LOL

Anyway, I think you're doing such a great job with the index, luv. Hats off!