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P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

Did I read right? Can I believe it's true? Are we getting extended scenes? More Matthew? OOH, I can't wait, thank you Mrs. Darcy without you I would have never known! Also thank you for giving those of us that like Colin but love Matthew someplace safe to hang out.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

That's what I want to know! I'm so glad I'm not the only one.

What makes this box set different from the original DVD release? Why is it on two discs instead of one? Inquiring minds need this info in order to get it as a Christmas gift.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

My dears, extras will include an audio commentary with Direcor Joe Wright, conversations with the Cast featurette, a Jane Austen, Ahead of Her Time featurette, A Bennet Family Portrait featurette, a HBO First Look: Pride & Prejudice feature, two further featurettes on the Politics of Dating and The Stately Homes of Pride & Prejudice, Galleries of the 19th Century, and a Pride & Prejudice Family Tree. In addition to all that - the set will also include the Original Soundtrack CD and a Collectible Book...

For more information and illustrations go to P&P Deluxe DVD set

Karen, I like both versions so very much, and the fans of either BBC, the movie, or whatever other version - and the book not forgetting - are most welcome on Mrs. Darcy's site to rave about our beloved couple regardless of the colour of the eyes or the cut of his hair of the various Mr Darcys.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

I wonder if they will include the deleted scenes as well.... the water pump....

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

What is this water pump scene everyone keeps talking about?

Most of those DVD extras look like they're the old extras from either the British or the American version, i.e. I've gotten them off the internet, which I was disappointed with.

Is "interviews with the cast" going to include everyone except MM? He appeared once I think in the whole old extra features, being asked a question while still in costume with a jacket on over it.

Didn't he tell off a bunch of reporters who asked him about his pregnant girlfriend in some magazine and that's why there's no long interviews with him? Geez, I liked his performance a lot, but even Colin Firth made himself available.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

I have no idea what the water pump scene entails, but I'm afraid that there won't be any deleted scenes.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

No deleted scenes? Bummer.

I'd heard there were more versions of the second proposal scene, which I'd love to see. Not to mention bloopers--those are always funny. Even a short interview with KK and MM would be a nice bonus. As it is, I'm gonna have a hard time getting it for Christmas since half the extras are the same ones from the original DVD. I may have to wait for a sale and pick it up then.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

Even a short interview with KK and MM would be a nice bonus

Interviews are included!

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

Why even bother if theres no deleted scenes? Thats just really crappy!!
I dont really care if the director speaks, I pre-ordered with the assumption that it would have deleted scenes. My mother always says never assume anything, I guess she's right. Maybe one of Mrs. Darcys fabulous writers can give us the water pump scene, I hear it's kinda juicy.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

I listened to the commentary on the original DVD, and didn't care much for it. It had been almost two years since they made the movie, and Joe had forgotten a lot. Plus his voice was kinda quiet, and he didn't tell any good stories of what it was like shooting certain scenes (like the Netherfield Ball), talk much about the lead actors, or use humor to keep things going. Plus he dissed how he shot the second proposal scene, and now when I watch it I keep hearing his criticisms in my head instead of simply going all melty.

I really wish they'd gotten some of the cast to do a commentary for the deluxe edition, but I guess they didn't want to spend the money.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

I listened to the commentary on the original DVD, and didn't care much for it.

I loved his commentary. A thing I found very interesting was that he didn't hesitate to criticize himself. And of course I liked very much the inside information he gave on how certain decisions were taken.

An important feature in the special edition, i think, is the inclusion of the original soundtrack. The interviews are very nice too, I think.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

I've pre-ordered it (through this Mrs Darcy site BTW) and will be happy to have anything extra. Besides, I like to have an extra copy on hand as I hate to be needing a P&P2005 hit only to realize I've loaned it out or I have it in my art studio... let me tell you how the panic sets in without my fix. Ha! I think the waterpump scene was something about MM coming in to the stables from a hot, sweaty ride and dipping his head under the water pump. The movie didn't need that scene to be successful (and I'm sure that would have just fed the critics more) but I sure would have enjoyed it regardless. To me P&P2005 is a classic FF!

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

I've pre-ordered it (through this Mrs Darcy site BTW)

Thank you for purchasing at Mrs Darcy's, dear Christina. Good for you, and good for the site!

I love the movie too. I'm from a family of four daughters, so particularly the Bennet family life with a bunch of very different women appealed to me so much. That was so much better sone than in the BBC series, although I love that one to death too.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

My deluxe gift set arrived yesterday!! I love it! It is packaged in this box that is cleverly designed to look like an old P&P book. In the box is the two disc DVD set, the music CD, and a pressbook with LOTS of pictures and comments from the movie. In fact, the original pressbooks were going on ebay for upwards of $100 -- and the one I ended up winning was in french. So imagine my delight upon this bonus as much as I like to think am a truly accomplished woman, my french translation is slow and arduous. I also all ready had the muisc Cd but am glad to have this one to give to my younger sister who has been hinting about wanting one! The DVDs. The first is the same as the one I all ready have with the same directory commentary, conversations with the cast, Jane Austen Ahead of Her tTime, A Bennett Family Portrait and HBO First Look. The 2nd includes the Politics of Dating, which is good info on dating of the time with a particularly funny comment of MM saying something to the effect of, "I fancy you. Here's my number" and the shot ends with a handwritten Fitwilliam Darcy calling card with his number. Too cute! Then also an interactive Galleries of the 19th Century that depicts styles of clothing, furniture, etc. Also, Stately Homes of P&P that lets you look in depth at the homes with some dialogue and interactive maps. Also, a P&P Family Tree which was really lacking; more or less filler. Anyway, I'm happy with the purchase and this would make a fine gift to anyone you are trying to seduce into the P&P addiction or better yet, for your own collection. The press book alone, is worth it!!! Also, it had a free movie pass to Keira's next flick, Atonement!!!!!!!

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

Wow, this sounds fantastic, Christina. I'm so happy it didn't disappoint!

Also, it had a free movie pass to Keira's next flick, Atonement!!!!!!!

One of the best movies I've seen this year, if not the best! I loved, loved LOVED it! I so hope Joe Wright will receive an oscar for it this time.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

Also, I would like to add that if you are hoping for the 2nd dvd to have bloopers, deleted scenes, more interviews... they are not here. But regardless I am glad to own it.

Re: P&P 2005 deluxe dvd

I have the deluxe edition myself and agree with pretty much everything Christina said. If I recall correctly, the press book is pretty much what the website was... It's been a *very* long time since I explored, but I know I learned nothing new from the book... Pretty pictures, though.