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New adaptation of S&S

Obviously it has been announced a long time ago, but it's almost there. Another Jane Austen adaptation on TV to look forward to, my dears.

Sense and Sensibility

There are some who have great difficulty with the way Andrew Davies handles Jane Austen's novels in his script, but I love him. I think him very talented and always enjoy interviews with him because of the liveliness of his mind...

Re: New adaptation of S&S

Hi Renée,
Thank you for that link! I'm looking forward to this new adaptation. Like you, I've enjoyed Andrew Davies' work on screenplays made from JA novels.

Happy Holidays!

Julia B

Re: New adaptation of S&S

Hey, hi Julia! How are you, buddy.

I've enjoyed Andrew Davies' work on screenplays made from JA novels.

Actually I get a bit weary of the Andrew Davies bashing I so often read on the various boards. The man's 1995 BBC version of P&P (and the male lead of course ) set millions of hearts aflutter. , and it was the very beginning of all these fanfiction sites.

At least he made quite a few literary works accessible to a greater public and actually stimulated people to start reading the books. I admire him, and I'm glad you like him too, Julia.

Happy holidays to you and Mr. wonderful too, dear.