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Regency Encyclopedia - new user friendly enhancements

The Regency Encyclopedia is rapidly approaching both its second anniversary and its 10,000th database record. In a bit of an early celebration, Victoria and I are rolling out a number of enhancements that will make using the website more user friendly for you.

In addition to rearranging the links on the Main Menu into a more intuitive display, there are also new links to explore.

User Guide: All functions of the website are described here along with the visual cues of screen shots.

What’s New: Click here to view announcements for new categories, authors and functions.

Suggestions: It might take us awhile, but every single suggestion from you, the user, has been incorporated into the website. Feel free to use this link to keep those ideas coming.

Lastly, two existing links have also been improved:

Source List: The source list has been expanded to include contributors to magazines and journals. A link has been provided to take you directly to the periodicals and another to bring you back to the top of the page.

Tour of Regency London: When you click on a location link or the shopping map, the website currently displays an intermediate screen before proceeding to the map panel. This map panel has been enhanced to pinpoint the locations more exactly and you will also have the opportunity to print the map panel with locations highlighted before navigating the actual map panel.

I owe a million gazillion thanks to Victoria for taking all these ideas and making them a reality. This website would not be what it is without her and I haven’t expressed my gratitude to her nearly enough.

Happy New Year to everyone and Happy Researching!



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Re: Regency Encyclopedia - new user friendly enhancements

Such an amazing achievement, Sue. You already know how much I admire you for it. Congratulations. It's bloody fantastic!