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Short Story-LOST??

I am trying to find a short story that I read on this site when I first found it (thank God) but I feel like I have gone through every story on here and can't find it now--so HELP (I even looked in the drabbles section). I wonder if it was taken down or are older stories archived somewhere? I do not remember the title or author so the basis of the story line is all I can give in the hope your can help. It goes:
Darcy is looking for Elizabeth and she has fallen into a hole and then he soes also and then he clibs out with her on his back. They find a cabin and she stitches his forehead and then they are forced to stay the night?

Any help?
Thanks, Hopeless

Re: Short Story-LOST??

The story is called As Fate Would Have It, Hopeless, and is written by Kim.

You'll find it here

Re: Short Story-LOST??

Can anyone tell me if they ever read a story about E being blind since childhood and when she meets Darcy he doesn't realize she blind. I cant find where I read it. My computer went down and I lost all my sites and saved stories. Thanks!

Re: Short Story-LOST??

Hi Maria, I can only think of the other way around... Lizzy isn't aware of Darcy being blind, and that's Dawn R's The Eyes of a Man. It's not online anymore though, Dawn has published it. You'll find it in Mrs Darcy's store.

BTW, there's a special thread for questions regarding stories you're wondering about. Here's the link.

Re: Short Story-LOST??

Thank you. No it isn't that one though I haven't read that one yet and will have o check it out. Thank you again.I will look then on other site.