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The Site

Found this site completly by accident, have never read any jane austen novels, nor seen any of the tv movie / films. This site has captivated me and even though i have only read part of one of the stories, I know I shall be returning to read more. What a great find, congratulations to all the authors for a great site. Would love to hear from others, to enjoy others views Brian

Re: The Site

A very warm welcome to you, Brian. I hope to 'see' you often and that the site will induce you to pick up one or more of Jane Austen's novels. There such a delight.

If you like you can express your appreciation for the story/stories you're reading in the comment thread each story has. You'll find the link on the bottom of each story page. I assure you we fanfiction authors love a little love. It's our only reward, you see.

Happy reading!


Re: The Site

Hi Brian,

I'll say the same thing as Renée. Read some Jane Austen and loads of fanfic, and you'll soon be an addict like many of us. Renée has found the best fanfiction writers for her site. Hope you enjoy reading all those wonderful stories they've written, and are still writing.


Re: The Site

There such a delight

Oops... They're a delight of course...