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Darcy's age

How old was Darcy when he left Cambridge?

Re: Darcy's age

How long ago did his father die when he met Lizzy? Five right? So, Mr Darcy was 23 at the time.

Did he go to Eton first, I wonder? If so I suppose he left that school at 18 and went straight to Cambridge where he studied four years perhaps? So, I guess he was 22 when he graduated... if he did. He could have been called to Pemberley sooner because of his father.

Re: Darcy's age

Thanks Renee. I am writing a small flash back for one of the stories and I need to work this out.
I think there is a hint in his letter to Elizabeth that Mr Wickham did not graduate, by default, I guess Mr Darcy did. What d'you think?

Re: Darcy's age

Wickham definitely didn't graduate, I don't think that he even once opened his books!

I'm sure Mr Darcy graduated unless he was called home prematurely because of his father. We cannot be sure, there's no evidence of that for as far as I know.

Re: Darcy's age

Was his school actually ever mentioned in the story? I seem to recall this discussed once long ago and it was decided it may have been created for the mini-series.

I'm just checking Darcy's letter and it mentions that Wickham went to Cambridge (don't know how long) but doesn't seem to mention if Darcy was there. In all likelihood he did... just being nit-picky, I suppose. ;)


Re: Darcy's age

He said he had opportunities to see him in unguarded moments, not necessarily at Cambridge, yes. So probably Mr Darcy went to another university. Maybe there was another one of greater name in those days. Any ideas? Oxford, perhaps?