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4the Annual Oxfam B-Day Tribute for Colin Firth

Welcome to our 4th annual Oxfam Birthday Tribute for Colin Firth!

In honor of Colin Firth's 48th birthday (coming up September 10), several of us from Firth Sisters have once again arranged with Oxfam America to have a donation fund started in Colin's name as a gift to him. All of Colin's fans from ANY site, from ANY country, can contribute to this gift. Oxfam America supports the same causes as Colin does through Oxfam UK, and often works in conjunction with Oxfam UK, so your donation will help facilitate the work Colin supports.

EVERYONE who makes a donation ($20 minimum) will have her name listed on the Oxfam birthday card that goes to Colin. The deadline (August 25) is set for two weeks before Colin's birthday so that Oxfam can send us the list of donors, which we post for all of you to check to make sure your name is listed. Then, any donor who was inadvertently omitted can contact us and we'll inform Oxfam before the card goes to final print.
No Firth Fan Left Behind!

Aside from our names, the following message will accompany the card:

Dear Colin,

Birthdays are a time for reflecting on where we've been, and who we've been. As you celebrate your 48th birthday, we'd like to say, for us you are a man whose great compassion and generosity make the world a more humane place. This donation to Oxfam in your name is our way of honoring your life to date, and wishing you many joyous, healthy years to come.
With much love and respect,
Your online fan community

When you click on the link posted below to make your donation, please follow these INSTRUCTIONS:

1. Scroll down and click on "Birthday" for type of gift donation.

2. There is a $20 minimum, but of course, you can donate as much as you wish (all amounts listed are in US$ and will be converted from any credit card you use in whichever country you live). If you wish to make the minimum donation, just go down to "Other" and fill in $20 in the little box.

3. You do NOT need to fill in Colin's address--just his name
(Oxfam assures us they know where he is!).

4. Deadline for donations is AUGUST 25.

5. Oxfam America accepts all bankcards. Donations made by check or money order must be in U.S. dollars (if you are not in the States, and do not wish to use a credit card, ask your bank about getting an international money order).

MAIL check or money order donations to:
Oxfam America, Tribute Giving,
226 Causeway Street, 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02114-22026

INCLUDE a brief note that your donation is for Colin Firth's birthday tribute.

This is our fourth year doing the Oxfam Tribute for Colin's birthday. We do it to show Colin how much his fans love and admire him for who he is--and to join him in making the world a better place. Last year, we raised an incredible $7.145.00. Can we do it again?
Twenty dollars is only the price of one DVD.
For that amount, you can make someone's life a little happier and give Colin a gift that honors him.

Re: 4the Annual Oxfam B-Day Tribute for Colin Firth

Check out the what's new page, Shanna, I've posted a notification.