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Tips on Regency biographies?

Hello fellow fanfiction addicts at Mrs Darcy's!

First, I'd like to apologize for my bad English. As I'm a proud Dutchie, I might make some silly mistakes in my grammar

I'm posting here, because I'd like your advice on something I'm doing for school. I will graduate from secondary school this year, and here in the Netherlands, students are required to do some serious research and write a paper about it before they do their exams, called a Profile Paper if you'd translate it into English.
As my favourite subject is History, and my favourite time in History is definitely the Regency, I chose that time to write my paper about What is more fun than researching about Jane Austens time and actually get a grade for it?

Now my question is; might you have any tips or recommendations for me on biographies of people that lived in the Regency? I'd like to read some of the perspectives of those who actually lived in that glorius time themselves!
I've already searched on the internet and read various books (for example An Elegant Madness by Venetia Murray, which was really fun to read!), but those I found are written in this time and are more about the lifestyle of the Regency and what historians think about it, than how the persons in those times actually felt.

Don't reply if you don't want to, but if you do, it is greatly appreciated!


Re: Tips on Regency biographies?

Hi Marloes, a reply from a fellow Dutch woman...

Go to the Everything Regency page and you'll find a great number of titles Mrs Darcy owns/recommends.

My all time favourite biography is Amanda Foreman's book on Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire, the great great great great-aunt of Diana, the late princes of Wales. I'm reading it for the second time, and love it even more. Recently the film based on this nook with Keara Knightley as Georgiana has been released. I can't wait to go.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your project.

Re: Tips on Regency biographies?

In addition, to know how people really felt, it's always interesting to read correspondence. Jane Austen's correspondence for instance is available through Amazon

Re: Tips on Regency biographies?

Wow Renée, thanks for your kind reply!
The idea of Jane's correspondence is very good, I will dive into it as soon as possible, as it is not really a punishment to read them, is it?

Re: Tips on Regency biographies?

Succes met je profielwerkstuk, Marloes! Mijn dochter had destijds een muziekonderwerp gekozen en mijn zoon een onderdeel uit WW2. :)

Ik heb een tijd lang boeken verzameld over de Regency. Zo'n boeiende periode. En uiteraard heb ik die jij noemt ook. Die sla ik nog zeer regelmatig open.