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Regency Encyclopedia - NEW module March 1, 2009

I’d like to announce a new part of the Regency Encyclopedia, the Georgian Names module. The purpose of this module is to provide a resource of Christian names used in the late Georgian Era.

The data in this module has been contributed by our new collaborator, Heather F (quill) and I am extremely grateful for not only the many hours she put into researching this topic but also contributing most of the pictures accompanying it.

This module is very straightforward to use. You may search for a name or nickname by typing it in the search box or using our links to find a name in the database. For every name, we provide information about the name’s history, spellings, nicknames, a popularity meter, a list of both Austen and non-Austen literary characters and a portrait gallery of famous people in the late Georgian Era with this Christian name.

There are many thanks to be issued, first to Heather and always to Victoria for their patience and openness with considering all the ideas flying about to make this data really shine and functional to users. Debbie S, Hele and Sylwia also contributed major constructive comments that have enhanced the screens you see and I wish to thank them for their input.

Have fun exploring!

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Re: Regency Encyclopedia - NEW module March 1, 2009

Oh my gosh, you're doing such fantastic work! Thanks for the up-date, dear Sue. I'm going to check it out right away, and will post a message on the what's new page.