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A Note to authors and users of JAFF Index

A note to authors and users of the JAFF Index from the administratrix:

Economic conditions are making it necessary for me to come out of semi-retirement and seek work; what it means for the JAFF Index is that updates will soon be neither as frequent nor as comprehensive as before. I hope to keep the Index going, but I'll need some help.

Authors: please be pro-active with your permissions to list your new stories. I no longer have time to e-mail everyone to chase them down. I'm hoping to remain reasonably caught up with basic entries and date updates - the Index was designed to let me do them fairly quickly - but I will have to rely on authors to provide consents, as well as categories, ratings, and notifications of postings in unusual places. And consents for older stories, not yet included, are always welcome.

You can email me at admin AT jaffindex DOT com - you know what translations to make to turn this into a workable address - or leave your requests in the JAFF Index "suggestion box" - and in turn, I'll try to handle your requests as quickly as possible. There's also our long and daunting checklist, use of which by authors is really appreciated, but not essential. (But please don't rely on mentions within your story posts themselves - my RL time constraints most likely will prevent me from seeing them.)

Blanket permission to list all your stories as you post new ones would be ideal - and I'll try to track your new postings in return.

The Index is nearly three years old now, and the usage-per-day has quadrupled since its first half year of going online. Please help keep it alive!

Re: A Note to authors and users of JAFF Index

We will do our best, dear Victoria. Wishing you lots of luck finding work you will be happy with.