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Darcy's name origin

Look what I have found. Maybe you have long known this ,but it was knew to me least the first meaning.

The boy's name Darcy d(a)-rcy, dar-cy, also used as girl's name Darcy, is of Irish and Gaelic origin, and its meaning is "dark". Also a Norman place name, "from Arcy". Literary: Jane Austen named the haughty hero of "Pride and Prejudice" "Mr. Darcy", with connotations of Norman aristocracy.

Re: Darcy's name origin

And... it's a dog's name too. In St Trinians' the headmistress' dog is called Mr Darcy.

Bois d'Arcy is a little town, not in Normandy, but in the French region surrounding Paris, "Île de France". I've used it in my story "The Grand Tour".

Re: Darcy's name origin

Wow, thank you for this bit of info, Malena. I love the connotations you mention: the reference to darkness (so appropriate!), the Irish/Gaelic/Norman possible origin... it opens a world of new fanfiction possibilities, doesn't it?

And OMG the bit about the dog, Renée!