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The Regency World Awards 2009...

Dear ladies and gents, don't forget to vote for the The Regency World Awards 2009 and make sure you're favourite Mr Darcy ever, amongst other things, will be chosen!

You're free to comment on who you've chosen and why.

Re: The Regency World Awards 2009...

I already voted some time ago, but that was on another computer, so I did it again on this one. Couldn't help myself, I suppose

My all time favourite Darcy is Colin Firth, of course. Loving Colin Firth was part of my upbringing . So even though I really really liked Elliot Cowan as Mr. Darcy in Lost in Austen, I voted for Mr. Firth. I did vote for Elliot Cowan in the Best actor in a Jane Austen adaptation category though, so I did not let him completely down I think...

Who have you chosen as your favourite Darcy, Renée?

Re: The Regency World Awards 2009...

It was a tough choice. I loved Matthew Macfadyen too very much and was delighted by the movie in general, but I voted for Colin in the end, because I fell in love with his Mr Darcy first.

At the moment I'm actually focusing on other works of literature more, almost in the same fanatic way as P&P, but P&P will always have a very special place in my heart.

Re: The Regency World Awards 2009...

No hesitation for me. That one(best Mr Darcy ever) was the easiest for me!!!!

Re: The Regency World Awards 2009...

Thanks for the link - I got my vote in.

I love Matthew McF and watch any of his movies that I can, but I thik Colin Firth knocked a lot of socks (and perhaps some other items!) off women around the world and I think is unsurpassed in his portrayal of Mr. Darcy.

Re: The Regency World Awards 2009...

I've voted in this about 10 times now. I vary some of my other answers, but I always pick Colin as my favorite Darcy. And I'm not above helping to stuff the ballot box if it'll get him a win!

Re: The Regency World Awards 2009...

For all those P&P fans out there who prefer Colin's Mr Darcy,
here's an interview you might like. Unfortunately, the video has been deleted from the Internet for copyright reasons, but you can hear his lovely voice and read the transcript.