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WELCOME VISITORS. Before you post, please read...

Welcome dear visitor,

Feel free to reply to posts or open topics about anything Jane Austen, The Regency, or other themes appropriate for the objectives of this site, but please observe the general rules of (n)etiquette, which means:

- no abusive language, respect for the opinions of the other posters,
- no hotlinking: i.e. no posting of pictures directly from other Internet sites. Upload a picture to your pc first, and then download it to an image hosting website such as Photobucket.

- There is no need to open a new topic for your questions concerning fanfiction and/or story recommendations, please post them in the appropriate 'sticky' threads you'll find on the top of the message forum.


Mrs Darcy does not like disrespectful criticism on the stories posted on the site in this public forum. If you have a problem with a story or a storyline, I kindly request to keep your observations private. You can e-mail the author directly or the administrator. You'll find the e-mail addresses on the bottom of each story page. Every message considered offensive or hurtful by the administrator and/or author will be deleted. Remember, all authors posting on this site are amateurs and graciously offer their hard work for free. The only reward they can hope for is your encouragement.

If you like to comment on the stories, please do not open a new topic. Every story has it's own comment thread. You'll find the link to it on the bottom of each page of the story in question.

Some of the stories posted on Mrs Darcy's Story Site contain adult material. Those are indicated with either "R" or "NC17". You can find more information on these ratings, that are based on the MPAA rating system, here

Thank you for your co-operation and enjoy your stay at Mrs. Darcy's Story Site.

Renée O

Re: Extended possibilities message forum

As you may have noticed Bravenet has extended the possibilities of the message forum.

Now you can:

- Use avatars to identify yourself when posting.
- Quote other Message Forum posters to easily show what post is being referred to.
- Edit/Delete your posts for up to one hour.

And there's HTML and BBCode Support!

So, post, post, post... it's more fun now!